John McCain Reads the Full Contact Poker Forum

Coincidence? Of course, but I was amused with the recent political headlines that have switched from talk of the economy to personal attacks on Obama and his links to a man named Bill Ayers.
To make a long story short I actually wrote an entry into my blog forum that has essentially become a political forum where I ask four questions to the posters and then share my thoughts on those questions as well. Then, I go on to say that if I were running the McCain campaign I would change the focus from the economy and look to attack Obama’s character because those attacks have worked in the past. Here is the post in full: ****************
The Bush Third Term Party Line The Obama campaign is continuously trying to link the McCain camp to Bush and the last 8 years and is a central focus of their message. With Obama ahead in the polls it’s unlikely that they will change that central message. The McCain camp has been changing their message in an attempt to distance themselves from the Bush years by changing their party line to “Change is Coming” while at the same time calling themselves the Maverick ticket that will get things done in Washington. 1. Do you feel that could alienate Bush supporters?
2. Do you think the Obama camps efforts to pin McCain to Bush has been effective in the eyes of the voters?
3. If you were in the Obama camp, would your political strategy be similar in trying to make McCain and Bush seem linked at the hip?
4. If you were working in the McCain camp, how would you try and deflect those claims while at the same time being respectful to those voters who approve of the current administration? My answers: 1. I think the McCain camp is doing a good job of avoiding direct attacks on Bush and instead focusing their energy on changing congress. I don’t think McCain has done much at all to alienate the Bush base. 2. I do think it is working. Especially to those voters that don’t pay close attention, and realize that, no, Mcain and Bush are very different on a lot of issues, I think many are being convinced that Bush is McCain and McCain is Bush. 3. Absolutely, and I think you’d be lying if you said you wouldn’t take that approach, it’s really a no-brainer especially with the country’s economic woes as well as the extremely low approval rating of the current president. I think anytime a party president has a low approval rating this is a must-do tactic. In fact, I would try to do more of it. 4. This is where I think Palin did a solid job. Whenever Biden brought up the last eight years she essentially mocked him effectively by saying, “Come on Joe, there you go again bringing up the past. John McCain and I are Mavericks and are looking to the future where we are going to shake up Washington and get things done. McCain has a long history of making things happen and that’s what we are going to do.”
I thought that line of counter attack was brilliant. It’s an obvious tactic being used by Obama/Biden to try and link Bush to McCain, and I think it’s a smart move to make it obvious to voters that they are just putting a political spin on a situation that isn’t entirely accurate. In fact, I’m already pretty sick of the line, “We can’t have four more years of the same eight years we just had.” I would sharpen that message and get way more specific. It’s a weak line when overused and the Obama camp does have a lot of artillery they could use to glue the two together that’s more powerful and effective. The war and the economy being the two key issues.
I do enjoy politics. I am very clear on the fact that I am Obama supporter, but I can definitely appreciate good politics and find it entertaining. It’s a game, and I like games. At this point I feel like it’s getting into the third period and Obama is up two goals. If I were in the McCain camp I’d try to get even more aggressive. I’d also, seriously, change the subject. Attacking Obama HAS worked. Rev Wright- big issue. Tony Rezko, bring it up again. It would be totally transparent to do that, but I think McCain needs a game changer because the Obama camp is happy to play a careful game at this point and protect the lead.
***************** So while they focused on Ayers they essentially did exactly what I felt they should do at this point. Try to scare the American people into believing that Obama is buddies with a known terrorist. Next, they will likely go back to the connection to Rev. Wright, and finally, I think they’ll sum it up with some ads concerning Tony Rezko. It’s all politics, but hey, it works. Obama’s camp, and they are already starting to do this, must make it very clear to the American people what is happening here. I do like the party line that, with the economy in crisis and our country fighting two wars, their camp issued a clear statement that they want to change the subject. Rather than focus on the issues that are important to Americans, they’d rather play the same old game of smear campaign politics. The only way I can see McCain winning this election is if they throw the kitchen sink at Obama and scare enough voters into thinking Obama wants to do harm to America. It’s a strategy that has worked in the past. I’m afraid if they stick to the issues at hand, the economy and the war, this race will be over and Obama will win easily. McCain has some skeletons in his closet as well, though, and I think it would be wise for the Obama campaign to fight back on that front and paint McCain as a lobbyist friendly politician who has been involved with some shady people himself. I read Doyle’s last blog and agree with him 100% that people should absolutely get out there and vote, especially if you live in a swing state. Whatever your feelings about who would be best to lead the most powerful nation in the world, how you vote in this election will have a major impact on the future of this country. ************************ Enough of the politics now, I made another deep run in the high rollers event coming in at 16th I think (it only paid the top 9). I was, once again, chip leader for a long while, but this event was more of a crap shoot and I got unlucky in a big pot with AK against AQ when the board came K-10-9-6…J. We were all in pre-flop on the hand. In the three cashes that I had, plus this event, I was chip leader at some point in every one of them! I played some really good poker during this European trip, and while I didn’t get a win, it bodes well for my confidence going into the Niagara Falls and Bellagio event. I’m going to be a tough guy to knock out in both of those events, that I can promise you! ]]>