I’ve had it with Obama!

If you were watching the news at all I’m sure you heard the breaking news: Obama refers to female reporter as sweetie. How dare he! What is this world coming to when a presidential candidate is so unprofessional that he calls a chick sweetie? The shorties of America should all be appalled as should all of us. She is a serious reporter and was wearing the pant suit to prove it, much like Bill Cinton’s baby mama Hillary. I’m kidding of course, but this whole “news story” made me stop and think a little bit about how ridiculous things can get in terms of political correctness. Whatever happened to good old fashion chivalry? Is is REALLY so offensive to use the term sweetie? It’s not like he called her a bar wench or something like that, it’s an endearing term, while, maybe not appropriate in a professional scenario, certainly isn’t meant to degrade women, IMO. They didn’t make a huge deal of it, but just the fact that it’s news is something I find a little weird. ***************************************************************** Bush has officially done lost his marbles. That guy is a kook and what he said today in Israel on it’s 60th birthday is mind boggling. In not so many words, and not naming names, he essentially paints the picture that Obama would have tried to be “buddy buddy” with Hitler. I can’t wait till this idiot’s term is over and just hope the damage he causes in his last months isn’t too severe. This guy supposedly is there to help protect Israel, but his decisions since being in office have made Israel LESS safe. When Obama says he would speak to his enemies, I think that’s what he SHOULD be doing. All past presidents have spoken to their enemies except for this nincompoop. He doesn’t have to try and change their minds or even compromise in any way, shape, or form, but discussing possible ways to resolve conflict couldn’t possibly hurt.
The Bush administration is so hypocritical. They think it’s a bad idea to sit with their enemies, meanwhile, what in the world are they doing cutting a deal with Kim Jong Il, a certified nut case involved in the proliferation of WMDs?
Bush done really pissed off some people now with these comments, wow. ***************************************************************** John Edwards is a likable guy and I was thrilled to see him publicly support Obama. I wouldn’t mind him as a VP if it weren’t for his opposition to online gaming. When he was running for the nomination a friend of mine sent their camp an e-mail about the issue and his response was not good at all.
Joe Biden went nuts today on CNN after Bush’s speech and was caught cursing saying, this is “Bull…” and some felt like Biden might be a good running mate for Obama. I’m not so sure… ****************************************************************** I didn’t golf today so I caught up with lots of CNN and was happy to see California overturn a ban on gay marriage. There is just nothing in the constitution that should forbid it. Obviously churches should have every right to follow the word of the Bible and disallow gay marriage in their churches, but since 40% of marriages happen outside of a church in this country, there should be no reason why gays and lesbians shouldn’t have the same civil rights as straight people.
Call it civil union, call it gay marriage, whatever. As a comedian once said, “Gays and lesbians should every right to be as miserable as the rest of us if they choose to!”
Many Christians are opposed to gay marriage, I’m not. Not at all. I also believe wholeheartedly that people don’t “choose” to be gay. Considering how many more obstacles gays and lesbians have to face, I cannot imagine why anyone would “choose” that path. *****************************************************************
Gas Prices: Saw a joke on Saturday Night Live’s weekend update that got me laughing. It went something like, “With gas prices increasing at the pump at record rates, experts believe that if the prices continue to escalate… rappers will start drinking it.” ***************************************************************** Golf Swing: So I have a new grip, and now we are working on fixing two other key faults in my swing that cause a loss of power:
1. My hips turn too early on the back swing. That causes me to lose all my power so I’m working on drills to make sure that I don’t start my hip turn until the shoulder turn.
2. My hands release way to early on the downswing. By the time I hit the ball my wrist cock is all gone and there is nothing left. We are working on trying to keep my hands in front so that the hands release closer to impact. Essentially trying to hold the wrist cock as long as possible.
These two changes will take some time to get used to. I can already see a difference when I hit a ball well, but my timing isn’t there yet. ***************************************************************** As for poker, been playing online a bit lately and plan on playing a little tonight. I’ve got a few more days at home until I fly to Costa Rica for a tournament to help prepare me for the WSOP. Well, that, and I’m really looking forward to seeing Emely there. She is someone I met in the Bahamas during the PCA and she lives in Costa Rica. We get along really well and had a lot of fun together in San Remo and London. She also came out to Vegas to visit me a while back. I haven’t seen her since London and am anxious to catch up. Apparently she is going to be my tour guide while there, and I have no idea what she has in store, but I’m sure I’m in for a good time. ***For those with reading comprehension issues, I’m still an avid Obama supporter*** ]]>