It’s Time…

WSOP starts tomorrow. Wow, cool! A $10,000 buy in pot limit hold’em event right off the bat. That just seems so perfect for me in a lot of ways: 1) It’s a higher buy in event, I can take it more seriously
2) It’s pot limit hold’em, a game that requires a lot of patience- good way to set the tone for the WSOP.
3) Smaller field, more realistic chance to win First bracelet I won in 1998 was pot limit hold’em. I played a very different style of poker back then, and frankly, was pretty lucky to have won a WSOP bracelet in my first ever attempt. Back then I was a bit tighter before the flop, but I also took more risks in bigger pots. I’m ten times the player I was then and have a lot more confidence to go with it. Pot limit hold’em is a game of pot control and that is something that bodes extremely well for a small ball approach. On the negative side, the lack of antes makes it less profitable to “chop away” at smaller pots before the flop. Pot limit hold’em is all about post flop play. Pots rarely get big before the flop. so all the key decisions come after the flop. Shut out raises pre-flop are more difficult than in no limit since you can’t move in. Pot limit is really a cross between limit and no limit to some degree. That also plays right into my hands because my bread and butter game for over 10 years was limit hold’em cash games. I’m also comfortable in no limit, so I think this tournament suits me well. Normally a pot limit hold’em event favors tighter players since it costs less per round to sit and wait. If you are too tight, though, you’ll just never get anywhere chip wise. ***************************************************************** I will be doing video blogs this year. I will also be trying to write blogs this year as well, both prior to an event an after. Prior to the different games, much like I did here with pot limit hold’em, I’ll share a few thoughts about the next tournament game. On top of that, I’ll be keeping the crew at Full Contact Poker up to date on my progress via text messages (when I’m away from the table of course). You can find those at in the
General Forum. There will be a stickied thread at the top for each event I play. I plan on playing a lot of events again this year and using my free time to golf, or practice golfing. It’s a great combination, my two favorite past times. I am so excited about this WSOP and feel very confident about my chances. My only concern is going to be fatigue. For quite a while now I’ve been waking up about 8:30am but that might not work well with the 12pm and 5pm start times. I may have to gradually start getting up closer to 10am so that I’m able to focus and be fresh at 2am and 3am. On that note, I’m going to relax, kick back and take it easy tonight. I’ll be at the WSOP early tomorrow, 11:15am to do the PokerRoad radio show. **************************************************************** If you haven’t checked out you are seriously missing out. I’ve been so pleased with the reviews we’ve gotten and people seem to absolutely love the site for so many different reasons. You will find content at PokerVT that simply isn’t available anywhere else. If you need more convincing, check out the internet forums at FCP for people’s first hand reviews of the site. It feels so good to produce something that everyone seems to love. Makes you feel all good inside 🙂