It’s Moving Day!

. I should have moved ages ago. The house I’m in now has limited space and we have a crazy neighbor next door. Lori talked to me recently about making a move, but it always seemed like a bad time. Whether it was this tournament or that, there just never seemed to be a good time to move. I told her we could start looking in August after the WSOP, but then realized, you know what, we have time now. Let’s just make the move this week! We bought a beautiful home from some friends of ours with a big yard that the dogs just love. The yard I have now is all rocks and stones, but the new house has a huge patch of grass for them to run around. I’m most excited about the fact that I’d now have enough room to actually have a pool table in the house. Since being a teenager, that was always a dream of mine. I looked online and found the perfect table. I’m a big fan of Brunswick tables so we ended up deciding on a Briarwood table with kind of a European flavor. The house isn’t exactly the “dream house” I had in mind, but it is a major step up from where we are now, and the dream house will just have to wait. I’ve already moved a bunch of little things over there this week, but for the big move, there is no better person to call then my brother Mike. He can fix anything, seriously amazing. Anyway, we had the TV people over to see what we’d need to do to get my TV and surround sound system into the new house. It seemed like a real hassle because of the shape of the walls, and the TV guys told us we’d need an electrician for some of the wiring. I called my brother today and basically said, “When is the next flight to Vegas?” I got Patty to book him and his buddy Victor on a flight here, and they get here in the morning. The plan is to move all of our stuff into the new house by Thursday, and then on Friday, the TV guys are going to uninstall my system and then install it in the new house. It’s pretty exciting, and Lori loves it. Talk about closet space, wow, now she actually has room for all of her clothes! The house is in a much safer area also, in a gated community complete with a security guard, etc. It’s a move that was long overdue, but I’m glad we are doing it now. The key thing for me is getting all of this done before the WPT championship in the next little while. *************************************************************** High Stakes Poker. I watched the last few episodes and oh my goodness, was the level of play extremely high end. I knew it while I was playing, but watching it reminded me of how impressive the play actually was. I’m looking forward to next season, which will be filmed sometime in May. *************************************************************** Fantasy Hockey. I did a pool with some of the guys in the FCP hockey forum. Not only was I in the pool, but I was running the whole thing, acquiring MSN addresses, setting up the chat rooms, etc. We had over 40 entrants, and I didn’t know until today that MSN will only allow 20 people in a conversation. So I had to set up three windows and copy all the information to the other windows. There was that, plus trying to track which players have been taken, and also re-inviting people that would get booted from the chat rooms. In the end it all worked out well. There were 44 of us I think, and I drew the first pick. Frankly, I hated that pick as it was a snake draft so it meant I’d get #1 and then like #88 and #89. I took Daniel Briere, Buffalo Sabres with the first pick as he seemed to be the consensus number one pick with Buffalo hosting the Islanders in the first round. By the time it got back around to me, I had to develop a strategy quickly. The Buffalo team was gorged of it’s scorers already, so I had to go another way. I decided on Alexei Zhitnik and Scott Mellanby, both of the Thrashers. Then with my last two picks, I went with two more Thrashers in Jon Sim and Steve McCarthy. So obviously I need Atlanta to do well, but at least I have a shot. Each team consists of only 5 players since we had so many people show up for the draft. *************************************************************** Poker. I’m going through a phase right now. It’s plagued me all of my poker career. I’ve always had difficulty playing at a high level for extended periods of time, so I’ll often go through periods of extremely bad play before righting the ship. When I play bad, it’s not just a little bad, it’s just extremely bad. Knowing this, I’ve tried to not play any poker in the hopes that I can recharge my batteries for the important events coming up soon. The WPT championship followed by the WSOP. I’m hoping to be ready in time. I’m not ready at the moment and I know it, but I’m also confident that I will be ready in time for the WPT event. If you can’t gear up for that event, you are in some trouble. ***************************************************************
As for my last blog, and my reasoning behind it, I felt as though the portrayal of my friend through other blogs and hearsay was completely unfair. Much had been said and/or written about the incident, and I felt like only one side of the story was made public. Had the other side of the story not been made public first, I never in a million years would have discussed a private matter in my blog. However, once it was already written about in other posts and blogs, it ceased to be a private matter. ]]>