In Toronto until Oct 3rd

RB: Brian Westbrook, Phi (Home to Green Bay Monday Night)
RB: Willis Mcgahee, Buf. 9.82
WR: Anquin Boldin, Ari. 4.10
WR: Troy Brown, NE. 0.00
WR: Chris Chambers, Mia. 9.46
TE: Eric Johnson, SF, 2.20
K: Josh Brown, Sea. 6.00
DEF: Philadephia (Home to Green Bay Monday Night) Total 43.11 GavMasterJam (Gavin’s Team) 0-3 QB: Carson Palmer, Cin. 1.44
RB: Warrick Dunn, Atl. 3.20
RB: Julius Jones, Dal 10.88
WR: Larry Fitzgerald, Ari. 5.00
WR: Chad Johnson, Cin. 6.20
WR: Eric Moulds, Hou. 5.80
TE: Dallas Clark, Dal. 1.70
K: Matt Stover, Bal. 2.00
DEF: Dallas 16.00 Total 52.22 I’m in great shape and am a huge favorite to win. I need a total of 9.12 points to win and have Westbrook going for me as well as the Philly defense. If I lose this one, I’ll blow my lid. *************************************************************** Tonight, the plan is to stay up most of the night and write. First off, I need to write a column for my syndicated newspaper column (if you want it, checkout, and then I need to spend the rest of my time working away at my book. I’m trying to reach a deadline and it’s going to take a lot of work if I’m going to make it. So on that note… Oh wait, before I go, tomorrow I’ll be on Off the Record with Michael Landsberg and then also on the Fan 590 with Bob McCown. ]]>