In Response to Mark Kreidler

FCP forums recently and was left confused after reading it: D’Amato Shows Poker Face. Before writing this piece I doubt that Kreidler did much research. About the PPA, he says, “a group you’ve never heard of that nevertheless is committed to doing God’s work by protecting the rights of card players everywhere to lose money online.” Nowhere in his column does he make mention of the many players that make their living through playing online poker. The piece just gets worse from there. He quotes D’Amato as saying that you don’t have 70 million people participating in baseball. Then, he goes on to infer that D’Amato is being dishonest by saying that a recent PPA release mentioned that only 23 million people play online poker. Not sure if you are aware of this Mr. Kriedler, but you can actually play poker in casinos in America, at your home with friends, as well as the internet. When you add that figure up, about 70 million people in this country play poker. Mr.Kreidler then went on to write, “meaning Al has a bunch of Friday night garages to fill if he’s going to get his sport up to 70 million nationally. But why let all that cigar smoke get in the way of a good story?” The truth is being distorted, but it’s not D’Amato that