I’m up Early

(Funny Airport Story) I flew first class from Vegas to Bahamas and I was loving the short lines at the security check point. I got in line and there were probably only four groups ahead of me. The first group looked confused, like they were in the wrong line at the wrong gate and in the wrong airport! Finally they were sent to the appropriate line. The next group in line did almost the exact same thing (what’s with these people???). Now the group ahead of me gets to the front and I couldn’t believe it, “Sorry sir this is for gates C-D and you are in gate B.” Finally I get to the front of the line and show the lady my boarding pass thinking, “Amazing how stupid people can be sometimes huh?” I give here the look like, “Idiots, what are you gonna do.” It was just then that she told me, “I’m sorry sir you are at the B gates these are for gates C-D.” No way!!! I couldn’t believe that I too was an idiot! I got a good laugh at that anyway… ***************************************************************
So yesterday we decided to go golfing. Now I’m not a “golfer” as I consistently shoot right around 102 to 105 and have only broke 100 three times. Within the group I was golfing with though I looked like Tiger Woods himself. It was Lori, and a couple of her friends from Grand Rapids Matt and Amy. Lori is unbelievable. I’ve golfed on and off for about two years now and I have never seen a more natural swing than Lori’s. The very first time she ever golfed she nailed a 5 wood 150 yards down the center. She has a good snap in her hips, tremendous shoulder strength, keeps her head down and has a good grip. If she took golf seriously we’d be looking at the next Seri Pak or even Michelle Wie. We got to the gold course late and they didn’t offer any twilight rate. With a cart path rule in effect and a group of hopeless golfers I figured the most we’d get in were six holes. Lori and I scrambled our ball and ended up playing bogey golf from the ladies tees (not that horrible with no practice at all). Matt and Amy didn’t fair as well but luckily for them we weren’t playing for anything tongue After golf we all had dinner and then I head back to the room to check messages and e-mails. Wow, totally insane. It’s gotten completely out of hand. If I neglect my responsibilities for three days I’m swamped with things. On that note though, I have finally found a personal assistant and decided to hire him on a trial basis. He is going to start in February hopefully so I’ll just have to make due until then. Making due won’t be so easy though as there are two important press releases that should be released later this week involving me and there is a lot of groundwork I still need to get done. Not to mention the fact that I need to get my book outline to the publishers ASAP. That’ll all have to wait though. It’s tournament time and all of that stuff simply has to be put on hold. If I let outside influences affect me at the table it’s doom. I need to just focus on the tournament which unfortunately means that until I have my assistant on the payroll I’ll be neglecting other responsibilities. Day one of the tournament is finished, but I honestly have no clue who is doing well or who is out. If I have time tonight I will provide you all with an update on how things are going.]]>