I’m Still In!

Well, the day started out the same as every tournament had been starting for me- with me missing monster draws! Up against Alan Goering I had Ac Q clubs and the board was Qd 2c 3d 4c. I missed that pot and lost the pot to Alan’s trip deuces. I thought to myself, “Here we go again. Time to check flight times out of Tunica so I can get some food somewhere.” Seriously, the food here has to be the absolute worst I’ve ever seen. It’s on par with being isolated in a prison camp and being forced to munch on cockroaches and rats. Good preparation for Survivor, but not my idea of a nutritious meal. Each year Memphis and Houston are neck and neck for the most unhealthy cities in America and I can see why. Frankly, I really feel deeply sorry for some of the locals here. Many of them grew up with an unhealthy diet and because of the limited choices, it makes it even more difficult to maintain a healthy weight. When I see people walking around that are 200 pounds overweight it hurts my heart. I can only imagine how much harder their lives must be when simply