I’m shaving my head

I’ve done it before as a teenager a few times, mainly in the summer months. My father used to tell me that it’s good for your hair and it helps make it thicker. Later I heard from hair people (is that weird to say, hair people?) that there was no truth to that. You have to be a little kooky to just shave your head for the sake of shaving your head, and luckily for me, I’m often a weird dude that does bizarre things for no apparent reason. I’ve felt like doing this for a while now actually. I let my hair grow really long for most of the year and I’m kind of getting sick of it. I’ve developed a nice little mullet- been watching more hockey too, coincidence? I think not- and I end up wearing a hat most of the time anyway. There’s a little more to it than that I guess. It represents something to me. A fresh start. A new year and a new, re-energized focus on getting back on top of the poker world. This year I’m trying to prepare from day one. Today, I went shopping for a few things that will help me on my upcoming monster road trip. My first stop was Whole Foods to pick up some energy food that I could take with me on the road. That way, when I get to stops like Tunica or Atlantic City I won’t have to settle with lard soaked carrots and bacon bread. I bought some soy protein packets, four quarts of soy milk that I can fit into my bag and won’t spoil until opened, some vegan energy bars, soups, tea, protein shake mix, and a few other goodies. When I was leaving Whole Foods this big black dude looked me up and said, “Hey man, I know you. You are awesome on TV. I can’t play, but I like to watch you guys play.” When I looked up at the black dude, I realized it was… Jimmy Walker! Yes, that Jimmy Walker of Good Times fame… DYNOMITE! I recognized him because I’ve actually seen him perform at the Comedy Stop a few times. After getting to my car, I headed to Banana Republic. There, I bought some essentials, 10 white T-Shirts and boxers. Then went next door to the sports store and bought 10 pairs of white sports socks. When I think white I just think clean and fresh which goes with the whole motto. Then, since I decided that I’d be working out in January, I bought a couple pairs of running shoes. Is it me, or do running shoes look more and more like cars these days? With their super shock support system and this and that. What happened to a good old running shoe? Oh no, did I just write that? I sound like one of those old bitter dudes with the, “Back in my day, you could buy a loaf of bread for 8 cents. 8 cents Mori! Today, forget about it, it’s crazy these prices.” Ok, so know I got the white shoes, the white socks, the boxers, and the brand new white T-Shirts. I got my season 5 of 24 (watched 16 hours season 4 last night), bought season 1 of the Wire, Prison Break, and The Office. I wrote several Card Player columns, wrote a newspaper column, and even answered all my e-mails. Dude, I even organized all the cupboards in the kitchen, I’m en fuego with the positive production! Tomorrow morning I’m flying to Los Angeles for the day to do some work for the GSN hit High Stakes Poker. Seriously, if you ask a poker player what their favorite poker show on television is, would any of them say anything but High Stakes Poker? Now, here’s the deal. When I get back on Wednesday, I’m going to get er’ done. Off with the hair, all of it. The great news? For the low, low price of $14.95 you can watch the PPV of this historic event. Ok, that part was a joke. What’s not a joke, is that I’m considering having my haircut during a video blog. We may even do a temporary Mohawk, maybe shave off all the top to see what I’m going to look like in 15 years, or maybe some other bizarre pattern. Who knows, I’ll let my wife decide where we go with it. This is only a one time deal. I figure it’ll take 4-6 weeks to grow back, and since I’m going to be on the road for all of January playing tournaments, I’m going to have a hat on anyway. ]]>