I’m officially a member of the PPL!

Ok, this is what all of you guys have been waiting for, seriously. You’ve heard over the last little while that there were rumblings of a new poker league that would really bring poker to a new place. Well, that time is now. The PPL draft is set for October 7th at the Venetian. There is so much to tell you all that I can’t even think of where to start, but here goes: The PPL stands for Professional Poker League and will feature 64 of the top poker players in the world playing off against each other each week on television. The events will be held at the Venetian where a theater has been built specifically for PPL events. The poker? It’s going to be really good. Some of you are probably as sick of watching all-in fests as I am. Rest assured, the PPL will make for really interesting television with a format that allows for tons of post flop play. As I mentioned earlier, there will be 64 players playing on 8 different teams (8 players per team). On October 7th you’ll all know what the teams look like. Each team has two co-captains and it’s those captains responsibility to fill out their teams at the draft. After tons and tons of work on this project, all of the pieces have come together and the show is a go! The casino deal is in place and the theater is being built as we speak. I recently had a chance to check out the theater and get a feel for what it’s all going to look like. Awesome, just awesome. This won’t just be your typical poker show. There are lots of little surprises surrounding the live event, but I can’t spill the beans on that just yet. So with the casino deal in place, the next step would be getting a network deal. Done. Next, you convince the players that this thing is going to be huge and get them signed on. Done. The captains have already been signed and the league format has already been decided. Picking 64 players is an extremely difficult task to say the least, but a lot of thought was put into the selection of each player and I think the final result was a good one. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you who’s in or who’s out. Also, I can’t share the league format with you all just yet. After the draft on October 7th the league details will be available to all of you. I’ll obviously keep you all up to date as soon as I get the ok from the league. I just can’t wait until the draft, it’s so exciting! The Venetian has truly bent over backwards to help make this happen and have treated the players like rock stars. The people working on getting the contracts signed, getting a network deal, signing the players, etc. have also spent all of their time on this project and have done an amazing job pulling it all together. As a player I thank them for their efforts and look forward to being a big part of the PPL. This league is like a dream come true for a kid who used to organize fake leagues for fun as a six year old. Seriously, playing poker just got a lot more fun for all of us.