I’m Off to LA for a couple Days

I hadn’t decided until very recently whether or not I was going to make it out to LA for a heads up tournament I was invited to play in. I don’t know a ton about it, other than it’s a $10,000 buy in with 64 players, will air live on www.liveatthebike.com. Also, I know that I drew Bill Edler in the first round and I’m scheduled to play at Crystal Park tomorrow at 4:30pm. Of course, I’m still in Vegas and won’t be in LA until 2:50pm tomorrow which gets me there just in time for my match. I’m not even sure how I even feel about this tournament. Since I made a last minute decision to play, it just wasn’t something I was overly gung ho about, but after seeing the list of entrants it compelled me to play. Had it been a group of average players I probably wouldn’t have played, but it appears that they attracted a pretty good field so I changed my mind. *************************************************************** The first play of the Super Bowl was a nightmare. I felt that the only way the Bears had even the slightest hope of victory was with special teams and fluky touchdowns in the rain. Well, right off the bat they kicked to Hester and off he went… that was the last time they kicked to him- good decision. Had it not been for the rain, the Colts would have absolutely trounced them. Even in the rain, which is going to hamper any offense, Manning and Addai were able to do pretty much whatever they wanted, getting first down after first down. In the meantime, Grossman looked ridiculous out there. Seriously, the passes he were throwing may as well have been under handed. He just threw the ball straight up in the air and hoped that someone in black would catch it. Time of possesion, first downs, etc., the game was dominated by the Colts and really shouldn’t have been close. If they play that game with no rain the Colts blow them out almost everytime. It was the most lopsided Super Bowl, skill wise, that I’ve seen in years. The Colts won a tough AFC Championship while the Bears qualified by beating up on bottom feeders in the NFC. The final score didn’t tell the story of how lop sided this game really was. ]]>