I’m Not Dead

and I still don’t actualy, lol. Just finished writing two columns tonight, been going to bed early, etc. What have I been up to: -Missed my flight to Baden for the EPT. Looked into other flights that may leave later where I could get there in time but it was cutting it close and that’s just no way to play a tournament after several long flights, etc. -Been working hard on PokerVT stuff. Yeah, that’s all I can really tell you about that, but you’ll all know eventually anyway so don’t sweat it. -Went to the Manny Pacua fight at Mandalay Bay. First fight I ever been to and it was awesome. I’m going to go to a lot more fights in the future for sure. -Played two rounds of golf. Had my best 9 ever followed by three straight nines of… I don’t even know what to call them, horror? Playing at Spanish Trail I started out with 5 pars and 3 bogies and made a 7 on number 9. Then my swing fell apart completely and I shot a 52 on the back. Yuk. I ended with a 94. Then today I put together quite a round… 57….53….110!!! Normally I can figure it out but I was dealing with a nasty reverse pivot that I couldn’t correct the whole day. I hit my irons fine, but couldn’t get a 3-wood in the air and hooked every drive in a bad way, coming over the top of it everytime. Golf sucks. -Been watching the hockey… got my fantasy league work to do again and I’m loving it. This is going to sound really stupid to most of you, but I enjoy nothing, and I mean nothing, more than sweating the hockey games to watch my fantasy team score. I have a load of young players on my team that are lighting it up and it’s the most exciting thing ever.
Want more stupid? Seriously… no joke… I’d rather win my third AHL (Alternative Hockey League) title than winning a bracelet. The league is so important to me I can’t use words to describe it without sounding like a complete idiot! On the upcoming schedule:
-Playing Online
-Playing Poker After Dark twice next week
-Working on PokerVT Stuff
-WPT Niagara Falls (Toronto Trip also)
-PGA Tour event at my home course, TPC Summerlin
-Fixing this stupid reverse pivot/swaying problem I’ve developed! Next up on the schedule… sleep. Nite.]]>