I’m Back

I got back from my trip recently, and while I’d like to talk about it, I simply can’t. I can tell you that some crazy things happened on my trip, but that’s about all I can say on the matter. I’m home now, and just loving the fact that I get to sleep in. It feels so good to wake up at 1:00pm and not have anything that HAS to be done right away. I mean, I still have a ton of writing to do as always, but I’m not behind on any of it right now. I should probably be writing right now just to stay ahead, but I’m more interesting in unplugging from the world a little bit and watching TV, playing video games, and goofing off. Last night I met up with E-DOG and we had dinner over at Kona Grill. After that, we went over to his place to shoot some pool for $1000 a game. We were playing 9-ball and we started out with me laying him $1.60 per game, but adjusting 10 cents each time one of us won. That’s a pretty big price to lay, but it’s probably about fair. However, I felt like it would be better to just play the game without laying a price, instead just spotting him a ball and adjusting that after each game. We started with me giving him the 8. When I won, he got the 7,8, and 9. I went on a little run and at one point was spotting him the 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9! That’s almost an impossible situation for me, as all he’d have to do is make any of those balls at any time to win the game. Eventually, after Erick won a few games back we decided to leave the spot at the 8. We played about 15-20 games and I think I ended up winning $100. After that he introduced me to a new show called Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. It’s a show that is clearly bias towards the liberal side, but it was pretty funny. I would say that I lean towards liberal views, but not in all areas. I wouldn’t consider myself a supporter of the Democrats or the Republicans, but with George Bush being a Republican it sours my take on the Republican party. I don’t think Bush is doing a very good job running this country. Having said that, there is a good chance I’d vote Republican in the next election. Well, I wouldn’t say good, exactly, but I’ll try not to let my anti-Bush bias affect my view of the next candidate. It will be tough, but I feel like I’m pretty good at being “fair.” In fact, I think Dick Cheney is a brilliant man. He comes off like a pompous jerk, but he also seems to be very intelligent. When he debated with Edwards, as “charming” as Edwards was, Cheney ate him up in the debate. I watched all the debates, and thoroughly felt like Kerry destroyed Bush in all of the debates. Had Cheney went up against Kerry, I’m not so sure I would have felt that way. *************************************************************** Anyway, enough politics! I went home and watched about eight episodes of 20/20, a High Stakes Poker, Survivor, Real World, and a Real World/Road Rules Challenge. As much as I’m addicted to 24, I’m not watching this season because I still haven’t caught up yet. Apparently, at the end of last night’s episode they finally ran a Diet Pepsi commercial I shot a few months ago. It’s one of those Jay Mohr commercials, where he is the can’s agent trying to get him into poker. He is seated at a table with me, Scotty Nguyen, and Phil Hellmuth. Phil and Scotty both fold, and I get the can heads up with AA. to make a long story short, the board reads: 10s 10c Js Ac and we get all the money in. I, of course, have Aces full, while the can has a royal flush draw. Well, whaddya know he makes a royal on the end while I make four aces. Kinda like how things went for me on High Stakes Poker! I haven’t even seen the commercial yet, but am looking forward to it. *************************************************************** FCP NEWS: If you want a shot at some free money and are a basketball fan, checkout the Basketball Forum for a chance to win $500 in cash, plus other prizes. All the details are in the forum. Also, four of the ten seats in the Daniel Negreanu Prot