Ian Leggatt and Friends Golf and Poker Tournament

After that, I pretty much cruised to the win, although since I promised not to win, I gave the first prize to the guy who came in second place. The prize was a Porsche, so the guy was pretty excited to find out that despite finishing second, he actually won the car. I took a few pictures in MY new car, some pictures with the new winner, and some of the other staff and fans on hand. From there, a group of the guys were all hanging out at the little bar they set up having a drink. Ian joined us and regaled us with some pretty crazy golf stories. Damphousse, Lanny, and Savage all had stories to tell also. It boggles my mind how all these hockey players shoot in the 70’s. It must just be so natural for them. I told them about a potential prop bet I had lined up. Here is the bet: Imagine you take two 25 handicaps of equal skill and partner them with a PGA pro of similar skill level. Now, one team works like this: For team A, the Pro takes EVERY tee shot and that’s the end of it. For team B, the Pro takes every approach shot. The second shot on all par 4’s, the tee shot on par 3’s, and the 3rd shot on par 5’s. Once the pros take their shot, the rest of the hole is determined by the 25 handicappers. Also of note, the course is about 6300 yards at TPC Summerlin. The question is, which team has the edge assuming all things are equal? They shared their opinions, but I won’t reveal that just yet. After the place starting closing down, we all hopped in some cabs and continued the party at a local Irish pub. I ended up sitting with Damphousse, Savage, and Leggatt for most of the night. I shared with them some of my ideas to make hockey more interesting in the U.S. and I think they really liked my ideas. The basic concept I have for making hockey more interesting to watch on TV is to get the fans more involved with knowing the players. I shared several easy ways to do that, and if they make these subtle changes I think it would go a long way to improve ratings in the U.S. Vincent seemed pretty interested in what I had to say, especially because of his new job working with the NHL. We talked about poker too. The guys seemed a little puzzled by my decision to give away the car, so I tried to explain to them that it wouldn’t have felt right to keep it based on the circumstances. I didn’t want to come to the event and have anybody leave with a bad taste in their mouth about me winning the main prize. It wasn’t much of a decision, really, as I made it even before I started playing. The bar closed and Ian and I grabbed a cab back to where our cars were. I was driving my Mom’s car, and when I tried to start it… nothing. Oh man, I must have left the lights on. Luckily, Ian hadn’t left yet and so I hopped into his ride and he gave me a lift. He has a fun car, a 2003 Ferrari that he drives when he’s in Toronto. On the way home, we mostly talked about his golf career. He showed me some freak injury scars on his palms that kept him out of golf for about a year. He seems happy about the way he’s playing now and has had a couple good finishes this year. At one point, before his injury, he was ranked #43 in the world. *************************************************************** The next morning it was all about the golf. I was excited to play in another celebrity scramble event, since last time I wasn’t much help to my team. Having said that, the last time I played golf I could not hit an iron… at all! I got to Angus Glen a little early so that I could “iron” out the kinks. I got to where I was actually getting the ball in the air again, but my distance wasn’t there. I just wasn’t finishing or transferring my weight at all. I hadn’t been able to hit the ball so I was solely focused on making contact. The swing is a mess, but I’ll head back to TPC and have one of the pros their look at it. Anyway, before we tee’d off Lanny and I got to talking. We’d be starting off at the same hole. Later, Doug Gilmour showed up and joined the conversation. When I asked Doug what his handicap was he said 22… 22? How in the world could any hockey player be that bad? Then Lanny nudges him and reveals the truth. He’s more like a 9. Was he hustling? We’ll never know, lol. I was teamed up with some guys from a company called Sun Valley. A good group of guys, but we didn’t have any big time golfers in our group. The smallest guy in our group, though, hit the ball really long. We had one guy who was pretty bad, an older guy who was our anchor, and another guy who hit a huge slice on every shot and was very inconsistent. We started out pretty well, making birdie, birde, par, birde, on the first four holes. After 10 holes we were at -6. Then the wheels fell apart. We had a bogey on the back and ended at -5! I sucked. The only club I hit well was my driver, but we rarely used it since we had a big hitter in our group. I didn’t make one putt. I didn’t hit one approach shot close. I didn’t get a chip close. I sucked, really, really, bad. *sigh* After golf it was time for dinner and the awards ceremony. I didn’t win squat, but we had a real shot at it. The winning team was only -11, and if I would have helped at all we would have had a chance. *sigh*. After awards were given out, we talked about the real reason all of us were there. For kids. One young man named Noah came up to the podium and spoke to the crowd. He was a 12 year old boy that’s gone through extensive cancer treatment and isn’t out of the woods yet. He was so well spoken. No notes at all, he was just up there winging it. He made sure to look at the crowd and even had a few well timed jokes thrown in there. It was amazing. I’ve watched CEO’s of companies who sucked at public speaking. This kid could teach them a lesson! Also of note, this kid had some long, long, hair. When asked why he was growing out his hair, we found out that he was growing it out to make wigs for other cancer patients who go through chemo. Solid. After the event was coming to a close, we headed over to another bar. Once again, I hopped in Ian’s car and put my clubs in another car. It was more of the same, except this time we had Jeremy Taggert and his laugh join us. Man, funny, funny dude. I laugh out loud just thinking about it. Anyway, he was at the Blue Jays game tonight. His role…. bat boy for the Yankees! LOL, no kidding. I stayed till close and that marked the end of my trip for the most part. Today has been a day of catching up and working on my schedule. By the way, my updated schedule is available in the FCP forum under “Daniel in the Media.” I’ve got a whole bunch of other stuff to share, but seriously, I need to get back to writing my book and a couple columns…]]>

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