I Woke Up Today

I woke up at around 2:30pm in the afternoon in my hotel room here at the Wyndam near the Commerce. It’s 12:38am and I’m still in my hotel room here at the Commerce. Not kidding, I haven’t been outside this room the whole day and it doesn’t look like I’m headed out anytime soon. So what then, what exactly have i been doing for the past ten hours? Well I ordered room service twice. For lunch I had the lasagna and for dinner I had one of my specialty sandwiches: The clubhouse sandwich. Grilled Sourdough stacked with shaved smoked turkey, ham, thick sliced bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, red onion and fries. Of course I tweak that a little bit as usual and hold the pig, both bacon and ham, and hold any other dead stuff that don’t belong in my sammich! Other than that I’ve been staring at a computer screen the whole day. I spent most of my day playing poker online at www.pokermountain.com. Up until today I haven’t been able to win a pot at the site but today I finally broke through. My best finish in a Quick start tournament was 5th coming into the day and my new poker goal was to do better than 5th! In the first two I played I made my usual 10th place exit. I’m happy to report though that I’m on a little hot streak. I won the last $20 Quick start and finished second in the one before that. Poker Mountain is doing all kinds of new promotions. I’m assuming you are all on the mailing list here so I won’t bore you with the details. One of the promotions though is a double bounty on both TJ and I. Knock us out of a Quick start and you win twice the entry fee. If one of us wins it, the guy who finishes second wins the bounty. That made for some interesting calls for sure. For example in the first Quick start I played I got beat by 2-7 off suit. Not so sure he makes the call if it wasn’t for the $40 bounty! Whatever, it was fun. I then jumped into a $3-$6 game and won myself $100 Woohoo! I made four tens, followed by kings full, followed by the nut flush in back to back to back hands. That right there is the most exciting thing that happened to me today… seriously. No Italian mobsters selling me fake watches or DVD players. No crazy traffic jams. No human contact whatsoever! Oh wait that’s a lie the room service guy and I now have a very special bond I think. So after playing online for most of the day I decided to do a little with the site. I haven’t “cleaned up” the forum in a while so I changed the look a bit and added some content. A player profile on Gus Hansen and a new quiz question. I’m too tired to go to the Commerce now but I’m also not tired enough to sleep. Which means, it’s movie time! After looking at the selection I’m leaning towards Sideways over the Incredibles. Both movies got tremendous ratings from the critics so I