I Love Poker

4-6-6 Or any combination of cards that contained all of my prop. If trip 5-5-5 flopped, I’d get paid double. If the 4-5-6 hit in all of the same suit, each player would owe me triple, or $30,000 each. Now that is just a simple version of props. There are tons of other side bets that go on. When they play props, each player takes 7 different props, one of which is a “big boy” that pays double. There are stiff jacks, activations, on for doubles, triples, pairs, suits, and all kinds of nutty props that get added into the mix. Along with my 4-5-6 prop, I also played the Jack of clubs prop. That means, that in the stud games if the Jack of clubs was my door card I’d get paid $15,000 from each player. The props I was playing were very simple, but can you imagine having to remember 20 different props and how much they all pay, while at the same time focusing on the poker game? Many hands get stalled as the players are figuring out what props they hit, how much they owe, and whether they are on for doubles or triples. There is one added wrinkle to props that makes what appears to be a totally random game of chance into a skill of sorts. If you “sleep” a prop, meaning that you don’t see it, you don’t get paid! Sleeping the props is where some players see added value in the game. With so much money changing hand each street, while at the same time focusing on the poker hands, if you aren’t paying full attention you’ll be missing out on collecting your props. I only played the props for the last hour of my 8 hour session, and nobody hit their “big boy” against me, and while I came close to hitting the 4-5-6, I never did. When my session was over I ended up losing the grand total of $4000! You could basically call that breaking even since I lost just 1/2 of a big bet. All in all, I feel like I’m playing some good poker right now and plan on playing a lot more in the next few weeks. ]]>