I finally beat Pops!

The deal with Pops is, you have six holes to play and he is up 3. Pops can’t hit it long but man does ha have a short game. Hole 4 is a par 5 that I always reach in two. Well pops doesn’t usually get on in three, but seems to always hole out from 42 yards for birdie! From 60 yards in you can count on Pops to knock it within five feet everytime. Finally though, after countless attempts I caught up to him on hole six and sent it to a playoff. I’d been in this spot before but always choked under the pressure. Not this time though, I drained a 13 footer and it was see ya later Pops! So that basically sums up how my day went. In fairness I didn’t wake up till about 2pm and took several naps throughout the day. It’s 1:18am right now and I’m wide awake. After I waited and waited for the rush of kids to come last night (that rush never came) I went out to dinner with some friends and then to Club Rio. I was so dissapointed with the turn out of kids for Halloween. Man, I bought like 100 bags of chips and all kinds of goodies and maybe 15 kids show up. Anyone know of a charity that accepts Reeses Pieces or Milky Way Bars? So we went to dinner at the Kona Grill, my first time there and I was impressed. They had a wide variety of food and some good Japanese beer called Kirkin or something like that. There was about 12 of us and we got a VIP booth at the club which was pretty cool. It was a fun group of people and everything seemed to be going great until one of my friends had a little too much to drink and was passed out. He would argue that he was “napping” but the security guards didn’t buy it. Actually the security guard asked my friend to do five jumping jacks. Funny thing is, this guy couldn’t have done five jumping jacks if he was sober! laughing So my friend puts his hands to his head five times and feels like he accomplished something. Not convincing enough for the security guard though and they asked him to leave. Yikes, I hate drama. The wife wasn’t too happy about the way that her husband was being treated, and apparantly she had a few choice words for security that landed her in the penalty box for an hour. No harm was done really, but it put a damper on an otherwise fun night. The night wiped me out and all I had energy for today was trying to focus on Pops and lose lucky bounces of his. Mision accomplished…]]>