I can’t Sleep

So, I haven’t been as busy as I normally am and when that happens I often find myself staying up all night and then sleeping days. I don’t play any of the prelims at Bellagio, I have that up in 2004. Since 2004 I only play the WSOP events and other deep stacked tournaments like the WPT or EPT. I don’t really enjoy crapshoot tournaments, and that includes the $1500 NLH events at the WSOP. I don’t find that type of poker to be very beautiful and while I play the occasional online tournament, I much prefer 5 day events with slow structures and big prize pools. We’ve got one of those coming up and I’ll likely play on day two. My strategy going into the first two days is pretty transparent and I could care less. I won’t be doing any re-raising pre–flop, I’ll be min-raising until the antes come into play, and I won’t be playing a ton of big pots. It’s what I do at pretty much every WPT Bellagio event until day three and that strategy has worked extremely well for me so I don’t see any reason to change that up at all. I’ve cashed in three straight Bellagio events. I haven’t played any live poker recently but I’ve logged a pretty good amount of hours on PokerStars this month. I’ve also been thinking about poker a lot too and doing more work for www.pokervt.com. I shot a few tournament videos and also did some interesting experimenting online and had a few epiphanies that sort of reconfirmed some theories I’ve always believed in. Other than that, I’ve been doing a lot of vegging and am completely caught up on my Tivo’d shows and even watched a full season of Nip/Tuck on DVD. What a twisted show that is! I started playing some video games again, some games I haven’t touched in years. I watch a lot of hockey and sweat my fantasy hockey team which is doing amazingly well this year. Best team I’ve had in 12 years in the same keeper league. I even tried golfing yesterday! I haven’t golfed in ages so I guess it went about as well as expected. I played from the ladies tees and shot 50 on 9 holes. It’s a bad score but at least I was out there. It was fun nonetheless and I picked it up on the last few holes making some decent shots. Golf is fun, but way more fun when it’s warm and I can play everyday. I love being at home. It’s my favorite place in the whole world and when I get to be home for long stretches I find that I do so many other things that I really enjoy. Vegging being one of them! I’ll travel to the Bahamas in early January, but after that I think I’ll be skipping several tournaments. No go on Australia, nope to Borgata, and probably not going to Biloxi either. That means I might just have a very long stretch of freedom at home from mid-January until late February for the LAPC. Then in March I’ll do the Shooting Stars at Bay 101 and the NBC Heads Up, the WPT Championship in April followed by the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo. After that, more alone time in May followed by another grueling month and a bit at the WSOP. I have some time before then to figure out my goals, but right now, I just like being at home. It’s peace and quiet and I like it. ]]>