I am such an Idiot

I spend most of my evenings watching hockey. Not because I’m betting on it, or even that I care all that much who wins on most nights. I watch the games, hoping that “my guys,” the players on my fantasy team will score so that I win the game. I’m in a keeper head-to-head league that I’ve been in for 10+ years now, and I can honestly say that nothing I do is more fun than this pool. I care more about the Alternative Hockey League, than well, winning a million in a poker tournament. Sick, but true. So you are probably thinking that I can win some big money doing this? Well, first prize is usually around $600-$800 depending on the number of transactions during the season. That doesn’t even cover my flight to Toronto for the draft each year. Well, my team went on an amazing run at the end of our regular season, winning the last seven games of the season, settting up a first round match up between my beloved Cheap Thieves and the #1 Seed in the Eddie Shack conference, Shoot Loose. I won the first game 8-1 as my team was clicking on all cylinders. He won game two, and I came back with a win in game #3. In game four, if I had used Alexei Kovalev instead of Lee Stempniak I would be up 3-1 in a best of 7 series with an OT win. That was a tough call, but now it’s 2-2 and game 5 is today. After the morning games I have a lead as his Detroit goalies allowed 6 goals to Boston. Here’s why I’m so annoyed. I’m currently in Vail, Colorado after doing an appearance last night. I stayed late and didn’t have time to double check my lineup for my important game #5. Then today, when I was setting up the “ticker” in the NHL forum (I do that every game night), I noticed that I started the wrong goalies! I used Vancouver at Anahiem, overlooking a much better match up with San Jose at home to the low scoring Edmonton Oilers. That could cost me a crucial game 5 win. On top of that, I lost one of my best players, Simon Gagne to injury, and he joins Anze Kopitar and Mike Johnson on the IR. I have a knot in my stomach. If I lose this game because of this mistake I just don’t know if I’ll ever get over it. I told you that you’d think I’m crazy, lol, but I’m being totally serious. I love this pool more than poker. I love this pool more than golf, or any other hobbies that I have. To lose like this, it would hurt bad, really, really, bad. *************************************************************** Meanwhile, I’m headed to the airport in Denver shortly so I won’t even know how I’m doing until I get to San Jose tonight. I’m headed there for the Bay 101 Shooting Stars tournament, always a fun tournament. Matt Savage also let me know that we’ve got tickets to the Sharks/Blackhawks game on Tuesday. That’ll be fun. I drew day one, which means I get Tuesday off while the other half of the players play. While I’m looking forward to the tournament, I’m not going to lie to, I will be distracted by my pool and that’s just the way it is. Luckily, I don’t have a pool game on Monday, game 6 is on Tuesday. As insane it sounds, this pool really is more important to me. Always has been, and I think it always will be.]]>