Home Sweet Home

The Nakum tribe is far superior and I predicted that with my pool picks. Yes, I’m actually in a Survivor pool too! This is the first year I’ve done it and it’s been fun.
The rules are simple. At the beginning of the season you rank all of the survivors from 1 through 16. Each week you get points for the survivors that remain on your team. So obviously you are hoping to lose your #16 seed early and have your #1 seed at the end.
I loaded my team up top with a Nakum alliance I thought may form. I have Brandon, Blake, Danni, and Brooke as my final four and feel pretty good about that prediction.
So far we’ve lost Jim (8), Morgan (15), and Brianna (10). Lydia almost went two weeks in a row and she was my #16 pick. She is 4′ 10″ and a Fish Monger. That would be very valuable on most seasons of Survivor, but this season there is no ocean to fish from. They are inland and the waters are infested with crocs.
After Lydia goes I need Margaret to go, then Judd. I think I have a shot with Margaret as she’s been too bossy, but I think Judd might end up doing much better than I thought. So there you have a glimpse into my life. Basically, me taking a glimpse of other people’s lives by watching Reality TV! I live vicariously through many of them and have lots of fun watching. Survivor, with all of it’s difficulties is actually a show I would do. I love the poker aspect of it. There are so many twists and turns and being the most physically threatening player isn’t a good thing so I’d do ok there. The whole food thing would be a problem. I’m a vegetarian, but man, if I was on that show I’d be one fish eatin’ son of a gun I’ll tell you what! Bring on the chicken and ribs and bring me a side of bacon! LOL. I can’t imagine going on that show without eating meat. It’s crazy, but I actually think I could win. If I made the final two, my speech would be so moving that they would HAVE to vote for me. I have one luxury in that I wouldn’t be playing Survivor for the money. Therefore, I could pull a Barry G. and win em’ over by telling them that if they vote for me, I’d donate all of the million dollars to the charities of their choice. Every penny of it. Heck, I think even the person I was at the jury with would want me to win right? So anyway, it’s a thought. After watching the first episode this season, though, I had to seriously reconsider. I mean, Bobby Jon, who is supposed to be a tough dude gets paralyzed from the first walk and his eyes are rollin’ back in his head like he’s dying or something! That’s crazy. I definitely think a poker player is going to do that show eventually. It makes so much sense to have a poker player on the show. The value of money, the people reading skills, etc. I think it would be intriguing, but I don’t think it’ll be me. Dude, could you picture Phil Hellmuth on Survivor? LOL. How high would you put him on your pool! Or how about a guy like Gus Hansen? He’d make for a really big threat in more ways then one. Phil Ivey? He’d be gambling at who’ll catch the most fish, or who can chuck a grain of rice closest to a tree. His tribe would hate him because he’d been winning all of their share of food and clothing. Oh, wait a minute… how about Mike Matusow! LOL. We have to get him on the show! Seriously, everybody should send a letter to CBS and see if we can get the Mouth on the show. He wouldn’t last two days without a plate of Chicken n’ Ribs or a Filet Mignon. I think Mike would be an absolute lock to be the first one out. Ok, one more: how about Paul Phillips? We all know he can carry a beard and that he can find ample ways to amuse himself without very much to work with. I would pay to watch him explain game theory to Bobby Jon, LOL. “Huh? But I done did voted already for the other guy. Now you done want me to vote for hee’m? Okaay.” I’m having too much fun with this idea. What about “Celebrity Survivor?” Do they do that yet? You could throw Omarosa out there in the hopes that someone drowns her! Or how about a Michael Jackson? He already has the physique? Maybe Brittany and Kevin Federline. I don’t know why I threw that one in there, but they would seem to fit in. He doesn’t shave and she goes to the bathroom at gas stations in her bare feet. Dirt doesn’t seem to bother them much. Gary Coleman. I’d just love to watch him try and get through the challenges. Lindsay Lohan, Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie, and Carmen Electra… cause why not right? Ok, I better go to bed, I’m getting to be goofy. ]]>