Hockey Night at E-DOG’s

Tonight the plan is to sweat the hockey games over at E-DOG’s place. I did my homework this morning and liked a few games on the schedule. I’ve had a pretty good start to the season going 7-5-0 betting predominantly underdogs. In fact, I’m +5.6 units betting 1 unit per game. It’s a lot of fum for me. Before I go do that I have one last thing to do for Rob & Amber and their reality show. That shouldn’t take too long. What else… well, just more vegging really. I’ve been catching up on some reading, finished season 3 of 24 (Oh my it was awesome!!!), and have been playing some video games. All that, and watching a few games on TV. Man, the Raptors are fun to watch! They push the ball like crazy and that Chris Bosh ain’t too shabby. As for poker, I haven’t played very much recently and I’m ok with that. I wanted to really clear my head before flying out to Foxwoods on the 11th for the main event there. In December, I’ll likely be playing tons of poker both in the tournaments and in the cash games. Then January is always a busy month as well so there will be plenty of poker on the horizon. In the meantime, I’m having fun without ever having to leave the house! Oh, if you guys are curious who I’m betting on tonight’s games, I have the following on the slate for this evening: 11/09/06 Boston/Toronto U 6 +1.03
11/09/06 Darcy Tucker U 0.5 +1.24
11/09/06 Washington +1.66
11/09/06 New Jersey/Chicago U 5.5 -1.21
11/09/06 Washington O 3 +1.08
11/09/06 Chicago U 2 -1.18
11/09/06 Phoenix +1.75 All bets include OT unless otherwise stated.]]>