High Limit Action on PokerStars

Tonight at 6:00 PST Barry Greenstien and I are going to play some heads up poker. I’m looking forward to it and think it’s going to be a lot of fun. Recently PokerStars created a new format, the 8-game mixed game with limits as high as $400-$800 which is what Barry and I will be playing. Feel free to join us if you like. The mix of games includes: Hold’em
Omaha H/L
Stud H/L
NL Hold’em
Pot Limit Omaha
2-7 Triple Draw
PokerStars also has recently added higher limits in Badugi, what I like to call the “crack cocaine” of poker! That game is catching on fast in a lot of card rooms especially in California. Now you can play as high as $400-$800 on PokerStars. Be forewarned, though, Badugi is a very swingy game with loads of action and really big pots so you can win or lose big numbers in a hurry. Lastly, the SCOOP. A series of tournaments that offers a range of buy ins from small to big. The event starts in April, and for every single type of event there are three levels of buy ins. Expect to see me playing a full schedule of events starting on April 2nd-April 12th. Here is the high limit schedule: April 2:
$500 NL Hold’em with rebuys
$1000 PL Omaha H/L April 3:
$1000PL 5 Card Draw
$1500 NL Hold’em Turbo 2x Chance April 4:
$1500 NL Hold’em Shootout
PLO 6 max 1 RB 1 ADD ON April 5:
$10,000 HORSE
$3000 NL Hold’em April 6:
$2000 2-7 Triple Draw
$1500 NL Hold’em Heads Up April 7:
$3000 Mixed Hold’em (6 max)
$2000 Stud H/L April 8:
$2000 Razz
$5000 NL Hold’em (6 max) April 9:
$4000 8-game mixed
$3000 7 Card Stud April 10:
$2000 NL Hold’em 1 RB 1 ADD ON
$5000 Omaha H/L April 11:
$5000 PL Omaha
$5000 Limit Hold’em (6 max) April 12:
$25,000 NL Hold’em Heads Up
$10,000 NL Hold’em Main Event
That’s the highest buy in series of online tournaments in history- by a large margin. There are also guarantees on all of the events, and who knows, there may even be some overlays in some of the tournaments since it’s hard to guesstimate the number of entries for each event. An overlay is always great for the player, it’s just like free money. **** Thanks again to all those sending prayers and best wishes to my mother. Two nights ago an air ambulance took my mother back to Toronto and the transition went smoothly. My mother is scheduled to get a trach on Monday, as you can’t be on a breathing machine for longer than two weeks. She’d added a few new complications including pneumonia in her lungs, a bladder infection, etc. but her vitals are considered stable at this point. Along with the trach on Monday she’ll also be getting a feeding tube.
No doctors can tell me what to expect at this point. With brain injuries it’s impossible to know for sure. I’ll be making a trip out to Toronto pretty soon, in the meantime my brother is with her everyday at the hospital in Toronto.***** ]]>