Heading Home

AK was the hand of the day. Here are the three all in pots we played: 1) We got it all in before the flop with me having AK and him AQ. He raised the button, I re-raised, he 4 bet it, I 5 bet it, and he went all in- I called. Flop K-10-3…. J on the turn cost me $6500. 2) he raised the button to 150, I make it 450 with AK, he makes it 1100, I re-raise to 2500, he goes all in for a total of $5000. Board runs out with four small hearts, I have the K, he has the Q… he had A-Q again! 3) I raised from the button to 150 with AK, he re-raised, I re-raised, he went all in for $4000 more. This time we BOTH had AK and split that one.
We ended up playing 500 hands and I ended up +$1865. We’ve played 1933 hands now and he is still +7109. The plan when I get home is to generally play at approximately 11:00pm EST until about 1:00am EST. I will be golfing all day and playing him after golf so if you wanna watch check out PokerStars around that time and also check for my twitter posts at REALKidPoker. I’m packing now, it’s 5:00am and I have to catch a 7:30am flight out of Nizza.