Governator Sucks!

400-800 (100 ante)
600-1200 (100 ante)
800-1600 (200 ante)
1000-2000 (200 ante)
1500-3000 (300 ante) That’s as far as we got, but I had plans for the structure if it went longer. In the first round I “schooled” Jeffgen by first hitting a two outer to make aces full and then getting a check raise in vs. his nines full. Sweet! Things looked good at my table. Chadwick was racking up the chips while Royal Tour was holding steady. Governator was stinkin’ up the joint early and was getting short stacked until the following hand: Chadwick limped in for 800 as did the Gov. I checked from the blind with Q-7. The flop came Q-10-5 rainbow and it got checked around. The turn came a 2 and I fired out 1000. Chadwick folded and Governator just called. The river came a 3 and I figured that I’d value bet 2000 so that the Gov. could keep his last 3000… then he raised me! What the? How could that card of helped him? I looked over at him and just knew he wasn’t bluffing, but was too stubborn to throw my hand away like I should of. Not sure I would have been able to sleep at night if he got away with a bluff like that. I figured he had to have the A-4, but he ended up turning over 33! Oh man, did that ever suck! We started with 16 players and with 7 left at the final table I found myself in rough shape with 9600 left. I called a 4300 raise with A-J from late position suspecting a steal and I was right- Ed had K-J. Only problem was, here comes the Governator one more time waking up with AA in the big blind. You suck Governator! That hand did me in and I was forced to watch from the rail. I still have no clue why it bothered me so much to lose, but man I really wanted to win that thing! Oh well, I “chunked off” my chips again I guess. It ended up getting down to Royal Tour with a chip lead heads up against the Gov. The Governator ended up taking top prize and also won the bounty by busting me. I’ll let Governator tell y’all how he did it when he posts about it in the General Forum at when the weekend is over. I stuck the needle into the Gov. pretty hard, but he handled it well. It was all in good fun and it was my money anyway so I had the right to needle him I guess, LOL. So that was that for the evening and tomorrow at noon I plan on taking on the FCP crew in 8 challenge matches. The goal is 8-0, but I think they have a few ringers waiting for me. Apparently Jeffgen is a baller so I’m probably a dog in the H.O.R.S.E. match at E-DOG’s, but I feel pretty good about all of the rest of the matches. For those of you who don’t know, here’s what we’ll be playing: Limit Hold’em
NBA Showtime
NFL Blitz
Golden Tee
H.O.R.S.E. (Basketball)
No Limit Hold’em For each game I lose, Chadwick will win himself $500. Of course he has an option to let any of the other FCP Logo finalists play for him in any of the games and can work out any deal that he wants. In all honesty, I’m not in tip top shape for the matches. I haven’t practiced at all and might be a little rusty. The good news is, I’ve got home court advantage!]]>