Good Times in Dartmund

I couldn’t sleep or write so I popped in season 3 of Lost and can’t understand for the life of me why some critics didn’t like it? It’s a great season so far. I ended up waking up late, somewhat by design to be able to excel later in the day and I think it worked out just fine. I showed up to the tournament with 8 minutes left in the first level and proceeded to lose the first three pots I played where my opponents flopped gin. I was down to 6625 of my 10,000 but wasn’t ready to quit. I made some “sloppy” pay offs but they were both cheap, and VERY informative and that would help me throughout the day and were well worth it, just for the looking price. I ended up having a few hands hold up and was able to end the day in great shape with 59,900. Last hand of the night was a doozy: 300-600 blinds with a 75 ante all fold to me in the SB and I get K-4 off and raise to 1500. Don’t normally do that but was trying to take advantage of what I perceived to be timid play from the BB- he called. Flop Qs 10c 9s. I didn’t like the flop much and considered waving the white flag so I checked- he checked. Turn Qc, I decided to take one stab at it since he was short on chips and bet 2800. He studied for a bit and called. River Qh, I check and he goes all in for like 4900. I look at him and say, “Dude, that’s the most ridiculous bluff I’ve ever seen, lol. You can’t have anything. You can’t have aQ and call the turn, you wouldn’t bet a 9, and you wouldn’t bet a straight. Problem is, I can’t beat much either, lol. You probably have 55, but you might just be bluffing with the best hand or something.” I decided to fold the King high despite wanting to call SO BAD I even said those words. He turned over 22! Even though he got away with the bluff, I left the hand happy, in that, my radar was solid, I just neglected to follow through. When my radar is working, and I trust it, I’m a tough man to beat out of a pot. I think I am in 8th place with about 200 players left and feel good about my chances… ***************************************************************** After the days play I decided to have my first “German Beer” at the bar with some friends. I ended up having a fabulous time and the company couldn’t have been better. Since joining I’ve met lots of people who work for the company in one facet or another, but the group I sat with were essentially “the meat and potatoes” of the operation (I’m sure they’ll love being referred to as meat and potatoes, lol). Working on anything from marketing to logistical stuff. I get along so well with all of them and I feel like we vibe so well together. They “get me” and that makes me feel like a part of the team in an important way. They treat me with respect, like a peer, and that goes a long way with me. I’ve been very impressed with the people I’ve dealt with here in Germany and I think they are all a big reason why PokerStars is the biggest, and most successful online poker site worldwide. A brilliant group of people that seem to really care a great deal about the jobs they do. Despite the extremely short time I’ve known them, I consider them friends- and that’s been rare for me in the past few years as I rarely “let people in” anymore. I had an absolute blast. Good company, good beer, good times. I really needed that, especially after being sick, etc.
Anyway, it’s like 7am here now and the tournament starts back up at 3pm. I’m ready, I’m hungry, and I’m reading people very well. I haven’t made “all” the right moves so far, but that’s OK. Perfection in poker is impossible, you can only strive to do the best you can. ]]>