Golf, Make A Wish, and Weekend at Daniel’s

and his entire family were flown out to Vegas so that he could get the chance to test his skills against me heads up. Not really knowing where to meet, I decided to invite the whole family over to my house since I’ve got a poker table set up in the living room. Ignacio and company arrived on time at 2:30pm in a stretch limo. We greeted each other (they brought me a pretty pimp Argentina soccer jersey) and then got right down to business. We started with 10,000 each and 100-200 blinds. Ignacio was playing pretty tight early and I took a small early lead. Then, I couldn’t hit a flop for a while and he had me down to about 7500. When the blinds went up to 200-400 I started to make a push back to even and slowly grinded my way to a lead. Then Ignacio tried his first bluff and I saw it coming from a mile away. On a board of 9-8-6-2-6 I beat him in the pot with KQ, telling him even before I called that this was his first bluff off the day. At 300-600 blinds it took three all ins before I finally won the match. A lot of you might be thinking that was mean. Why wouldn’t I let him win. I don’t think he wanted me to let him win, what would be the fun in that? I tried my best to win and I hope and believe that’s what he wanted. After the match we hung out with his parents and his two brothers. Very cool people. My mother seemed to get along really well with his mother (no surprise, my mother is a special lady) and I think they are going to get together for brunch on Sunday before they have to leave. Before Ignacio left I had Patty put together a gift bag for him. STACKED, some FCP hats, shirts, a mouse pad, a chip set, and all kinds of other goodies. All of this wasn’t going to take me away from golfing though! I brought Lori to Golf Galaxy to get her fitted for some clubs. From there, we headed to the practice range at Angel Park. I had my caddie Josh tag along to help Lori with her swing. After hitting a bag of balls we headed to the par 3 course. I hit every green. Lori, was hitting the ball much better after Josh made a few minor adjustments to her swing. *************************************************************** June 10: I’m writing this blog this morning before heading down to Caesar’s Palace for another edition of “Weekend at Daniel’s.” This one being the hockey edition. All of the winners won their way to Vegas by participating in the survivor hockey pool that I ran earlier in the season. The plan today is a poker tournament at 1:30pm followed by a trip to ESPN Zone to watch the game and play some games. Then tomorrow, the gang will be coming over to my place followed by an afternoon of more fun and games. I’ll let you know about all of that in the next blog. In closing, I want to say that I AM preparing for the WSOP by playing as little poker as possible. by keeping my mind fresh for the long and grueling month ahead. I don’t even want to think about poker right now, really, and golf has been a great escape for me. Come WSOP time… I shall be ready.]]>

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