Golf, A Movie, and Mushu is in love!

Golf: I’ve been practicing pretty hard for this upcoming golf tournament on ESPN. It’ll actually be my first ever “tournament style” event and I’m looking forward to it. I’m not sure if we are getting a fair shake or not, with me being a pretty pathetic golfer and all, but I’m hoping that I don’t embarrass myself too badly and take E-DOG and Josh down with me. I’ve mentioned it before, but here is the rundown of what’s at stake: 3 man scramble: There is a total of 9 players in this event, 3 teams of three. Each golfer is putting up $1 million for a $9 million prize pool. That sounds really huge, but it’s actually not as big as it seems. The format is a scramble with a “two tie all tie” format, meaning, if two of the three teams make birdie, there is no blood for that hole. I’m guessing that at most, a team would lose maybe 3 holes since it’s only a 9 hole round.
There are no actual handicaps, only tee spots and “other benefits” I’ll get to later. I’ll be playing from the “super red tees” which on many of the holes is right in the middle of the fairway. Also, since I’m awful, I also get to tee my ball up from anywhere (except a bunker). So essentially I’ll be able to hit driver-driver if need be. 2 man best ball: In this event I believe we have 9 teams of 2, each golfer risking $100,000. In this format, the only handicap is again, the tee spots, and on each hole the team will use the best of their two scores. So for example, if Erick makes 5 on a par 5 and I make, oh… like an 8 🙁 then our score for that hole would be 5. Mine gets thrown completely out the window. The over/under on the winning score is 71 according to Doyle, and if that’s the case I don’t think Erick and I have a good shot at winning, but we could squeak into the money if all goes well. I believe there are four money spots that go something like this: Winning team: $1,000,000
Second place team: $500,000
Third place team: $200,000
Fourth place team: $100,000 That’s not official, that’s just my guess as to the payout structure. As for my team, well, it’s me, Josh Arieh, and Erick Lindgren for the scramble, and then Erick and me are playing the two man best ball together. I had a terrible time of it hitting the ball yesterday, but was better today. I had a bad case of the shanks with my irons and on three different holes shanked three straight shots ob or in the water! I don’t have a full list of entrants, but I think the teams look something like this: 3 man scrambe:
Daniel Negreanu, Josh Arieh, Erick Lindgren
Dewey Tomko, Doyle Brunson, ?
Phil Hellmuth, Russ Hamilton, Billy Walters 2 man best ball:
Daniel Negreanu, Erick Lindgren
Doyle Brunson, Dewy Tomko
Phil Hellmuth, Russ Hamilton
Vince Van Patten, Janet Jones
Phil Ivey, David Oppenhiem
David Grey, Huck Seed
John Hanson, Mickey Appleman
(I forget the last two pairings) So for the last week, all I’ve been doing during the day is hitting balls, putting, and trying to get a feel for the course. *************************************************************** Down in the Valley: Just watched that movie and my goodness, that Edward Norton guy is a pretty brilliant actor. It’s one of the better movies I’ve seen recently and I didn’t expect that after reading the preview for the film. It seemed like it would bore me but it did nothing but. It was so cleverly done, essentially staging a western in modern day Los Angeles. That may seem to make little sense, but I don’t want to give away any of the plot line for you.
I will tell you that it’s about a father who isn’t happy about his daughter’s new boyfriend at all. I’d never even heard of the movie until this week, but apparently it was released in 2005. I was pleasantly surprised. *************************************************************** Marley is scheduled to me spade, but now that she is having her first period we are going to wait until it’s over to do it as it’s slightly safer to do it that way. She’s been on it for a week, and has about two more weeks to go. In the meantime, Mushu is going batty! It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. He’s trying to wrestly her to the ground (he’s 6lbs and she’s closer to 20lbs) and is so protective of her. All he wants to do is be near her and will literally bite your finger off if you try to get him away from her. Mushu doesn’t even have his “stuff” anymore, but he is a crazed animal at the moment. Wants nothing to do with me or Lori, it’s all about Marley for him. Totally obsessed! We have Marley in a diaper so she doesn’t make a mess everywhere, but when we put it on her Mushu goes bananas, sniffing and sniffing like he wants to rip it off, lol! Oh my, on one hand I’m really glad to see them “getting along” so well, but on the other hand, I feel sorry for him. He’s just been acting so strange lately…]]>