Gearing up for the WPT Championship and some FCP News

Last night I went down to Bellagio to buy in for the WPT Championship. I decided that if I was scheduled to play in flight A that I’d go home immediately, but if I was in flight B I’d play another session of poker. I drew flight B and sat in a $4000-$8000 mixed game for a while. I was a little “off” during the short session and made a bad play against Ming, and another against Lyle. Against Ming, I lost a pot with a board of A-9-7-3 rainbow in pot limit Omaha. Ming had A-9-10-5 and I had A-J-7-3. He bet the pot on the turn and I capped it drawing slim. Later, playing 2-7 NL single draw Lyle made it $10,000 to go, and in the big blind I capped it with 3-4-5-7-10. Lyle was sweating out his last card, claiming to have a “free look” at a big hand. When he finally looked at the card, he called immediately. That should have rung a bell in my head to break my hand, but I had an ugly draw needing only a 2, 8, or 9 to improve. I thought for a while and stood pat as did Lyle. Lyle made an 8-6, and I looked at the card I would have drawn… it was a 2! I would have made a wheel, doh! After a 2.5 session the game broke up and I basically lost what was in those two pots, losing $204,000. I wasn’t ready to go home yet, though, so I sat in the $2000-$4000 game. At one point I was winning about $130,000 in that game, but after three hours I won $34,000, for a net loss of $170,000 for the evening. Could have been better, could have been worse. *************************************************************** Today I slept in very late, waking up at about 5:00pm. Most people would be worried about their “clock,” but I think I’ll be just fine for tomorrow. I’m doing nothing strenuous at all today. On the computer mostly, checking the tournament updates, reading the FCP forum, and watching some poker on TV to get me prepared.. My goal tomorrow is to end the day with 100,000 in chips. I won’t do anything crazy to reach that goal and am not too concerned even if I end the day with 50,000, but 100,000 would be an excellent start to the tournament and it’s an achievable goal. *************************************************************** FCP NEWS: The Final table to crown my prot