First Ever Big Buy in NL Shootout Starts Today

I got tortured in the Stud/Omaha High Low event, especially in the Stud 8. I had like 5 hands where I started 456 then caught a 2… Q… K….10. It was so sick. The hand I went broke on was against Chris Reslock. I was all in on sixth street with: 3-4-6-7-Ks-Qs and all he ended up with was a lousy pair of deuces. The only way I could be eliminated was to catch a 9, 10, or a J. I squeezed my card and it was a good squeeze: red paint. That means it has to be a J, Q, or a K, and since my K and Q were both spades my chances of doubling up were really good. Of course, it was the J and that was that! Today at noon we have the first ever $5000 buy in no limit hold’em shootout. Without question, one of the most skill based events you’ll find at the WSOP as making the final table requires that you not only excel at ring game play, but also short handed, and heads up. You can’t fold your way to a final table, you have to win your way there. If you are lucky enough to win your first table, you’ll then face off against 9 other guys who all won theirs. Win that one, and now you are guaranteed to be at a tough final table. It’s extremely unlikely that a bad player can fluke his way to a final table, much less win the bracelet. The 5k will have a solid structure too, much better than the $1500 as it should be. It should take about 8 hours to win your table, then you’d be done for the day. Last year I came in 3rd in the $1500 event and feel good about my chances in a slower structured shootout. ***************************************************************** I’m doing daily video blogs now and you can find them at either or at ***************************************************************** Power Hold’em, the book I’d been working on for ages is officially available for purchase right now. You can find a link on the FCP homepage or just click here. It’s 10:15am now and I’m going to hit a few putts then hit the showers. Peace. ]]>