Fighting Fatigue Through Day 1 at the PCA

2. Erik Cajelas 54,100
3. empty
4. Sean Brudler 12,850
5. Rhett Buttler 81,800
6. Daniel Negreanu 93,950
7. Joseph Elpayaa 72,800
8. David Benefield 53,550
9. Justin Rollo 75,450 As you can see I’m the chip leader at my table but surrounding me are a couple of healthy stacks. I recognize a few names, Erik Cajelas and Rhett Buttler and I think I may have heard the name Justin Rollo from the online world but I’m not sure. Aside from that, I have no clue who the other guys are at all, but since I’m up early I’m going to do some research and see if I can find out anything at all. It’s great when you have time before facing a table to figure out a game plan. I think one of the other reasons I can’t sleep is that I’ve been dreaming about poker. Just had a really weird one too: I was in a poker game with a terrorist, Barack Obama, and a few young children. The terrorist was trying to recruit me to collude with him against Hillary Clinton when she busts in the door with troops. They were trying to get the terrorist dude, but I ended up defending him for some odd reason. Then I had this long skinny hair in the palm of my hand that I couldn’t rip out. I kept trying but couldn’t do it. I started talking to the troops and the powers that be and was attacking Hillary for something, I can’t remember. Barack agreed with me and then John Edwards did too. Eventually I fled the scene when a snowmobile crashed right through the building and caused a smokescreen. I then followed the women and children to the hills for cover.
Hey, it was a dream, no one ever said they have to make sense, lol. In the hills I ran into Annette_15 and we were going over a hand. She was vehemently defending her play to five bet a guy with 10-J suited and I wouldn’t budge. I kept telling her in the dream that a play like that would endanger the world and she needed to come to the good side of the debate. Barack Obama agreed with me that at this point in time we can’t think about making a play like that, it’s too risky, especially when we are leading in the polls.
So where did all this stuff come from? Well, all I have been doing since I’ve been here is: Playing the tournament
Chatted with Annette about that exact hand!
Watching CNN and the New Hampshire debates
Talked briefly with Sorel Mizzi (the terrorist 🙂
Where the hair on the palm thing came from I’ll never know… I probably don’t even want to know! LOL. Anyway, got to try and get back to that dream, I just know Hillary has something up her sleeve and she’s going to find me. Luckily Barack and Edwards have my back.]]>