FCP Podcast Episode 18 – Mike Leah Drama and Poker Awards Talk with Guest Co-Host Eric “Popcorn” Wasserson

Eric Wasserson joins me as we discuss the recent action in Bobby’s Room(0:40)
Doyle’s Twitter game (3:10)
We breakdown a hand from and discuss the US Poker Open(5:00)
The Mike Leah Drama(22:50)
Rocky and Apollo make an appearance(35:15)
The American Poker Awards(36:00)
Poker Journalist of the Year(40:15)
My Thoughts on Rake(40:40)
Industry Person of the Year(44:10)
Breakout Player of the Year(47:30)
Tournament Performance of the Year(49:10)
Mid-Circuit of the Year(50:05)
Event of the Year(50:30)
Poker Moment of the Year(53:45)
Poker Media Content of the Year(54:50)
Poker Streamer of the Year(56:30)
Broadcaster of the Year(58:40)
Video Blogger of the Year(1:00:30)
Podcast of the Year(1:03:15)
Poker’s Biggest Influencer(1:06:55)
A few Charity Tournaments I’m involved with(1:13:50)
A few thoughts on Richard Seymour(1:14:45)