FCP Logo Contest

I made it a little deeper in the tournament today than I had in the past. In the first three tournaments I was out before the first break. In the fourth event I made the first break. In tournament number five I made the second break! My next goal is to make the dinner break, and since tomorrow is the $1000 No Limit Hold’em event with rebuys I like my chances. I set the over/under at $8000 in rebuys for me. We’ll see. Eventually I ran card dead and made one bad lay down where I miscounted the pot. Doh! I had A-10 in a spot where I thought I was getting about 2-1 odds where in fact I was getting 2.4-1. I ended up folding since I thought I was worse than a 2-1 underdog with the hand, but my opponent had 88! Yikes, that’s not good. Sure I could have lost, but that’s not how I look at things. So on my way home I went to Wynn to pick up some cash for the rebuy event tomorrow. After that I stopped by my mother’s to pick up Mushu then I met with my agent Brian over at my house to talk shop. We had lots of cool stuff to talk about, of course, unfortunately I can’t share any of it with you all just yet. Let’s just say that it’s very exciting stuff and you’ll all know what’s going on when the time is right. So while we were talking shop the idea popped up about doing a contest to come up with a cool new logo for Full Contact Poker. What better way then to have a contest for all of the loyal FCP Forum members. The rules are simple: Send up to three logos to logocontest@fullcontactpoker.com by noon on June 15th and if we choose your logo you’ll have a choice between two prizes:
An all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas for a weekend where you and I would play a series of challenge matches for $500 each. We’d play each of the following: Golden Tee
NBA Showtime
NFL Blitz
Limit Hold’em
No Limit Hold’em
A Game of H.O.R.S.E. You’d win $500 for every game you beat me in! Or, if you aren’t up for a fun weekend of gambling with me and the boys, you can opt for a $2000 cash prize instead.
It should be a fun contest and I’m curious to see what you all come up with. Other than that today has been rather uneventful. I didn’t hitchhike anywhere or didn’t invade any gay prostitute’s space. I didn’t play any half million dollar matches or $100 games of pool with Josh. Oh, well I did play something. I played one game of Golden Tee with Travis and Brian. We played Eagles Peak and I was on a record pace after five holes at -8. Then the strangest thing happened to me. It’s never happened to me even in real golf: I six putt from 6 feet! That’s not even possible? So much for breaking my record of -19, I ended up shooting -11 while Travis shot -15 and Brian did well in his first game shooting -9. Of course Brian was -9 after eight holes and blew up on the back so I don’t think we was too happy with the final result! Time for bed pretty soon. Tomorrow I think I might bust out my new autographed Sidney Crosby jersey. For those of you who know anything about hockey, Crosby has been touted as the next Gretzky since he was 14 years old. Chris the “Life of Sports” Guy hooked me up- much thanks Chris!]]>