Fantasy Football, Online Poker, and Bloggin’

RB: Brian Westbrook, Phil. 19
RB: Willis Magahee, Buf. 15
WR: Anquin Boldin, Pho. 17
WR: Plaxico Burress, NYG. 14
W/T: Chris Chambers, Mia. 12
TE: Jeremy Shockey, NYG. 7
K: Josh Brown, Sea. 1
DEF: Tampa Bay 1
Res: QB Joey Harrington, Mia. 1
Res: RB Deshaun Foster, Car. 4
Res: WR Kevin Curtis, Stl. 1
Res: WR Carlos Rogers, Det. 1
Res: Kevin Barlow, SF. 1 Harrington was kind of a silly pick and I plan on dumping him in favor of another running back. Originally I just picked him up early as a backup for Culpepper, but I can get something way better on waivers for sure. In this league, we also have my agent, Brian Balsbaugh, Erick Lindgren, Josh Arieh, Gavin Smith, and several of the “Keikwons.” I think it’s just two of them but there are so many I often lose track. Thee entry fee is like $200, but I already have close to $100,000 in side bets on this season. My team looks a lot more like the 12-3 team I put on the field two years ago when the most I spent on any one player was 18, and that was Ahman Green, who had an awesome year. This year, I’m depending pretty heavily on Miami to do well and I like their chances due to the weak schedule they’ll face. Also of note, in our league, receptions are worth a little more, so a back like Westbrook could be really solid. *************************************************************** FCP Heads Up League: My Cheap Thieves got a bye in the first week, and in week two we face off against the HC Dukes with a 1-0 lead in a best of five series. In game one, I basically bluffed off my chips to make it an even 1-1 series. I won game #3 quickly, when my set of fives held off the Ad 10h on a flop of 10d 5d 3d. In game #4, I was up 2500-500 and then it was just river city from there on in. I ended up losing game #4 and we were set to play the deciding game when we had a software issue. The private tables weren’t functioning properly so we’ll have to play game #5 sometime tomorrow when the problem is fixed. *************************************************************** Online Poker: Been playing a lot at FCP recently, mostly in the $50-$100 NL game. Frankly, I’m enjoying it and the game is much better than I would have thought. There are tons of high limit games being played online these days, but so far, the “vultures” have stayed away from this game which works for me! I’m probably up about $40,000 this week, but I’ll have to check my session browser to make sure. *************************************************************** E-DOG’s Birthday: Lots of fun. Always a good time, especially when Saki is thrown into the mix. Saki has a way of making everybody laugh at the dumbest jokes ever. *************************************************************** Video Blog Update: It’s not gone people, it’s just on a mini hiatus until we figure out a few things. The eventual plan is to offer both the written blog, as well as the video blog. If you missed any of the video blogs, or the written ones, all of the archives can be found at *************************************************************** Prot