Ding Ding Ding 2008

The second night was a full day of golf followed by Sake, Beer, Big Duece, Golden Tee Golf and a late night. The next day was Ivey’s charity event at the Golden Nugget after a day of book signing and “stuff.” I didn’t plan on drinking at all. Then they sat me at Ivey’s table and everyone was partying so I figured, one more night I can handle.
Unfortunately I freaking hate Petron but that was the shot of the night. We eventually switched to Vodka but that wasn’t much better. It was white wine, beers, and a few shots that night and that was a bit much.
Last night was a much more sane night. Just the boyz over at the house for some Big Duece, Pool, and Golden Tee. A few beers, but they didn’t leave till like 6am so I slept in today.
3pm we golfed. I started out awful, played a good six hole stretch, and then finished awful. We played an “emergency 9,” the last hole essentially in the dark as it was nearing 9pm and no one could really see anything. I picked up Mushu from Mom’s, haven’t seen the little buggar in days, wrote a column that was way late, and am now about to start my ritual. As soon as I log off here, it’s Rocky time baby. Gotta get pumped up and that’s how I do it every year. Tomorrow I play day 1B. I plan on getting there around 11:30am and hanging out at the PokerVT booth in the EXPO. The booth really rocked the house on the first day and was quite the attraction. It feels really, really good to be a part of something that really does live up to all the hype and more. PokerVT, and also the book that I finished are both things I’m extremely proud of and the reviews have been incredibly positive. I can’t tell you how many times a day someone I know will come up to me and say, “Dude, I checked out PokerVT and it’s awesome.” If you want to know even more about PokerVT and get a chance to take a free tour you should head down to EXPO. Tell em’ I sent you 🙂 Night all, Rocky is about to throw down! ]]>