Countries I’ve Been To

South Korea There is an EPT event in Greece this November but I don’t think I’ll make it out there this year. Brazil I’ll make it to eventually, poker is continuing to boom there and I should definitely make an appearance at some point.
Thailand I hear is beautiful and one of my good friends is Thai so he could show us around. Israel is a must for me. My two best friends from high school, more like bothers really, are Israeli and spending weekends at there place most weekends allowed me to pick up a decent amount of Hebrew. There is so much I’d want to see in Israel, so much history, so much I’ve read about that I imagine would only sink in if I saw it in the flesh.
One of my other best friends moved back to South Korea and it would be fun to visit him and see him again. He actually moved there to help run a poker club. I won’t be going there to play, most likely to drink beer and sing Karaoke horribly! Being in Budapest is a bit surreal. Normally I’m completely independent no matter where I go, but not much English is spoken here and my Hungarian isn’t sharp enough to carry me on my own. They don’t take Euro, so Krisztina is essentially my sugar momma while here, paying for everything! I’m not sure exactly how long I’ll be here, but my next stop will be EPT London. Some really big WCOOPs on the way this coming week. I’ve had 6 cashes so far in 22 events, but haven’t been able to run good late and make a final table. I will, and I’ll bet on it!