Cooler Hand and the Week Ahead

OK, so I was doing very well in the tournament, coming into day three as the chip leader and while I didn’t maintain the lead I continued to stay among the leaders for most of the day. I got moved at random from my table, one with few chips, to a different table with better players and more chips. Here is the hand with analysis: Blinds 3000-6000 500 ante A guy makes it 16,000 to go and I call with AK from the cut off position. The button also calls. His call means one specific thing that will be important to know in this hand: he cannot have AA, KK, or even AK as he would have certainly re-raised before the flop. Both blinds also called. The flop came As Kd 7d. It was checked to me and I bet 22,000. The button raised it to 160,000, a very big raise. I looked over at his chips and saw that he still had another 200,000 or so more and that would represent a big chunk of my chips also. Now, because I can rule out completely AA, KK, or QQ from his range, I had to figure out what kind of hands he could do that with and came up with: 77
A7 suited
A-x of diamonds There is only one hand he could have that is ahead of me and because the Ace on board was not a diamond, nor did I have it in the hole, it has to be considered the leading candidate for what he had. His raise size also lends itself to a hand like Ad Jd. I push the rest in and he had the dreaded 77.
That left me with just under 100,000 and I couldn’t recover, barely squeaking into the money in a three way tie for 50th with Jennifer Tilly and Ted Lawson. ***************************************************************** Last couple nights I’ve been kicking back. Went to a comedy show and had some drinks, then last night hung out at the Bellagio Bar with Jennifer. Today I was up early to be at the Golden Nugget to shoot the opening for the new season of Poker After Dark. Now I’m home just catching up on Saturday Night Live and other television. The week ahead looks like this for me: Oct 27th: Fly to LA for the day to record some more radio shows. The show, All Strategy on, has already aired four times and we’ll probably do about four more which will be aired bi-weekly. Oct 28th: I’ll be doing a double on The Real Deal at Venetian. At 5:00pm I’ll be a player, but then for the 8:00pm I will be hosting the show as Vinny doesn’t do the late shows. Oct 29th: I’ll be playing in the $20k buy in Poker After Dark show against Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, and Phil Hellmuth. Oct 30th: Once again I’ll be playing on Poker After Dark only this time it will be nder the cash game format against the likes of: Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius, Tom Dwan, Gus Hansen, and Phil Hellmuth. Oct 31st: My last Poker After Dark shoot along with Johnny Chan, Jennifer Tilly, Mike Matusow, Phil Laak, plus one amateur. Nov 1st: I have an appearance to do for I-Play, the company that released my cellphone game in France and the rest of the world. Nov 4th: I may be attending an election party for the big day. So far based on recent polls things are looking good for Barack Obama. Nov 5th: I fly to WPT Foxwoods for day two of the event there. I’m playing good and enjoying it so I’m excited about getting a chance to play again. Nov 9th: If Foxwoods doesn’t go as planned then I will return to Las Vegas to be a part of the WSOP main event festivities. I can’t imagine the butterflies these guys must be getting. Oh, I also filmed some stuff for the preview show that airs November 4th. Based on the current chip counts and my experience playing against Ivan Demidov, he is my pick to be the next champ. We’ll see. The rest of November is a bit sketchy and I’m working on my plans as we speak. I will not be attending the EPT event in Warsaw, but there is still a chance that I may play in a separate event later in November. As for my scheduled dates for The Real Deal show, I’ll release those as I have them. Tonight I’m going to work on completing my stock of heads up videos for I’ve recorded two of the eight heads up matches I played during the WCOOP events on PokerStars. I won six of the eight matches and if you want to learn how I did it, there is only one way to do that: Once I’m done with those I plan on adding more cash game videos. The site is also adding new pros with fresh content and I’m excited about our newest addition. He is very well spoken and gets his ideas across very effectively. A smart kid, and a very solid player. ***************************************************************** As for my personal life. No golf lately and not looking like there will be much time until I return from Foxwoods. I haven’t hung out with my buddies quite as often recently either. We did one night this week, but I think the next time we will hang is after The Real Deal show on Tuesday. I plan on having my mother come too which will help me out with the hosting as she is a great source of comedy! I’ll make sure she brings sandwiches for everybody.
Aside from that… none of your business yo! There are certain parts of my life that are just off limits blog wise.