Close but no cigar

I ended up finished just outside the money, in 82nd place out of a field of close to 700. For most of day two and all of day three my stack was well below the average. The structure was the best you’ll see, though, so I was able to lose hand after hand yet still protect myself from going totally broke. On the hand I eventually did go broke on, I took a gamble that didn’t pay off: With blinds at 1200-2400 with a 400 ante the button raised to 6200. I had Kd Kc in the small blind, with an aggressive big stack sitting in the big blind. It looked like a good opportunity to set him up and get all of my chips in. I smooth called, and while the big blind hesitated a bit, he just called as well. The flop came 9-10-J with two diamonds. Not the kind of flop I was hoping for, but still, with my short stack I would be forced to check-raise all in on this flop if there was a bet. Everyone checked, and the turn card came an 8d. It was again checked to the button who bet 14,000. I had a total of 42,000 at this point and now had a diamond draw, gutshot, and an overpair. I thought about check-raising here in the hopes of winning it somehow, but elected to just call and see if I hit my hand. The river was a King. Weird card. I checked and the button moved me all in for my last 28,000. I took a really, really long time dissecting the hand and changing my mind about 7 times. I didn’t think he had a flush at all. I ruled out a 7 completely as I didn’t think he’d bet that card on the river. I didn’t think he had just a lone Queen either. A-Q crossed my mind, but that was the only hand I was really worried about. The problem was that I played the hand so strangely that it didn’t look at all like I had a straight or better, and if my opponent was at all a player, he might decide to move me off a hand like two pair or something like that. I finally called him and he showed Ac Qc. I took solace in the fact that if I had re-raised before the flop, it wouldn’t have mattered. I don’t think he was folding that hand in that situation against my short stack. Only thing I could have done differently was made the correct read on the river and saved 28,000. Oh well. After busting I packed my bags, hung out with an old buddy for a bit, then headed to the airport which is where I’m at now. Tomorrow I’m going to the hospital to see my mother. Looks like she may be heading back to Toronto soon if she remains stable. Not sure when… not sure of anything just yet. My next tournament looks like it’s going to be the NBC Heads Up Championship on March 5-8. That’s always a fun event. ]]>