Chillin’ In Costa Rica (Poker Content!)

So I played the LAPT but didn’t put in a great performance, making a bit of a sloppy call pre-flop and on the turn. I did make a good fold on the river, but still, I probably shouldn’t have been in the hand at any point: Guy limps for 100, another player raises to 525 and I call on the button with 6s 8s. That was a mistake. I wasn’t deep enough to make that call and think I made a bit of a boredom call. The flop comes Q-9-9 rainbow and it’s three of us on the flop. We all check. Turn is a 7 and the pre-flop raiser bets 800. I thought he might have JJ and AK, and decided to call hoping to either hit or “maybe” try to steal it on the river. The river was a 5, making me my straight and this time the guy bets 1600. I figured he could have AA or KK and would call a raise so I min raise to 3200 leaving myself with just 1600 left. The guy moves in immediately and then it hits me that he has Queens full, oops. I fold and he shows 99 for quads. I hang on for another hour and a bit before going broke with 66 versus 99… speaking of 66: This morning I noticed a $200-$400 No Limit hold’em game going on Stars so I sat down with $40k. I was dealt 66 in a multi-way pot and this time it worked out a bit better: PokerStars Game #17633350691: Hold’em No Limit ($200/$400) – 2008/05/23 – 11:50:12 (ET)
Table ‘Loreley’ 9-max Seat #5 is the button
Seat 4: ADZ124 ($88975 in chips)
Seat 5: purplEUROS ($54775 in chips)
Seat 7: KidPoker ($47476 in chips)
Seat 8: knockstiff ($7000 in chips)
Seat 9: alexeimartov ($18896 in chips)
KidPoker: posts small blind $200
knockstiff: posts big blind $400 PREFLOP
alexeimartov: raises $800 to $1200
purplEUROS: calls $1200
KidPoker: calls $1000 FLOP 2d 4h 6d KidPoker: checks
alexeimartov: bets $2400
purplEUROS: calls $2400 KidPoker: raises $4600 to $7000
alexeimartov: folds
purplEUROS: raises $46575 to $53575 and is all-in
KidPoker: calls $39276 and is all-in TURN Ac
KidPoker collected $98947 from pot I checked out my opponents hand and saw that he had JJ. I assume he was hoping I had a pair and a draw or some kind of straight draw/flush draw. Personally, I’m not so sure I liked his decision to re-raise there. I think he may have been better off calling the raise and seeing what developed on the turn, but that’s usually my approach to most hands anyway. ***************************************************************** So I’m in Costa Rica right now and having an awesome time. I always enjoy coming to Costa Rica and it’s so nice to be in an actual apartment rather than a hotel which is where I normally stay on road trips.
Thing is, there have been a few obstacles in terms of getting actual sleep! At 7:00am the construction crew is outside just hammering away and they don’t stop. So after night one, I went to the pharmacy and got some ear plugs and they help.
Obstacle two has been the temperature. I’m used to sleeping at 69 degrees with no humidity, but that’s not much of an option in Costa Rica! It’s very humid, and most places don’t do the whole air conditioning thing. For that one, we bought a fan and that helps a bit. The last thing I had to get used to was the light. I have blackout blinds at home which I’m used to, but to counter that I just stick a pillow over my face and make due. Seriously, I don’t really care all that much about the sleep thing, I’m just glad to be here. I’m recharging the battery and will be getting ready for an absolute monster WSOP. I think I’m going to do extremely well, especially with the limit structures being fixed and the addition of the higher buy in events. ***************************************************************** I’ll be writing a separate blog about PokerVT
PokerVT very soon covering much of what you’ll find there. In the meantime, the site is up and running so you can go ahead and check out the tour as well as some sample videos done by me and the team.