Changes for 2009

In a nutshell- I’m cutting back… big time. Cutting back on all of the extra “stuff” that I do and also going to lighten my load in terms of travel. PokerVT is something I’ll continue to put my efforts into and teach those that sign up, but aside from that I’ll be doing a lot less teaching. People are already getting better and just giving away my secrets is starting to feel like a bad idea. Not because I don’t think I’ll be able to win, but more a case of, why should I? Seriously, for like 10 years now I’ve been doing that and I’m not so sure I want to anymore. I’ve done enough. My tournament schedule will also be lighter in 2009. I’ll still fight hard at the WSOP and work by butt off in the higher buy in events, but outside of that I’ll be doing much less traveling. Frankly, I’m excited about taking control of my life and only doing things I really want to do. I’m going to be a bit more selfish in terms of looking out for numero uno. January: Jan 4-11 PokerStars Carribeaean Adventure (may play three events there, the World Cup of Poker and the $25,000 High Rollers event also). That’s it for January. I’m not going to Australia, France, Biloxi, or the Borgata. What I’ll be doing or where I’ll be is still undecided outside of needing to do some commentary for the APPT’s second season. If you didn’t see the first season you should check it out. I did the commentary for all the episodes and the production quality has a WSOP feel to it since it’s the same crew and all. February: Feb 16-18 $10,000 HORSE LAPC
Feb 18-20 $10,000 Heads Up LAPC
Feb 21-26 $10,000 WPT LAPC A couple new events at the LAPC this year will keep me from traveling to the Scandinavian event on the EPT. March:
Mar 1-4 NBC Heads Up (dates unclear still but approximate)
Mar 16-20 $10,000 WPT Bay 101 That’s it for March. I ain’t doing nothing else in March. Probably a perfect opportunity to start getting back into golfing on a regular basis. April:
Apr 18-25 $25,000 WPT Championship
Apr 28–3 EPT Grand Final I had Foxwoods on my list before but screw them, I’m not going back. They withheld my taxes for no good reason since they changed their policy. I used to love going there, but seriously, screw them. It’s not even the fact that they withhold the money, I don’t care as much about that as I do the fact that the morons in charge don’t even realize that legally, they don’t have to do that at all.
April will be a good poker month with back-to-back well structured events that suit me perfectly. Lots of chips, lots of play= lots of time for me to wait on people to go bonkers and give away their chips. May: Leave me alone! I’ll be on the golf course and the only poker I’ll be playing is online at PokerStars. June/July: World Series of Poker. I want to focus a lot of my attention on this coming WSOP and really have an incredible year. I’ve come close two years in a row in the $50,000 HORSE event, coming 19th, then 13th last year. I want that win and I want it now.
After the WSOP I’m not really sure what I’m doing just yet, I usually only schedule things in six month blocks. I’m sure that in the next six months things will be added to my schedule, but it won’t be more tournament play. I’m sure I’ll have some things scheduled to do for both PokerStars and PokerVT, but man, other than that, I’m going to stay home in Vegas with Mushu. I’m going to hang out with my boys, play pool, play golf, play Golden Tee, and work out some as well.
I started playing pool a bit lately by myself. In fact, I haven’t left my house in quite a while and don’t plan on leaving until Bahamas. I’ve never been all that good at 8-ball and 9-ball growing up with snooker, but I want to learn and improve my skills at both those games. I think I still make some mistakes in terms of strategy and my positional game can use a lot of work.
My golf game has suffered because I don’t like playing in bad weather. I practice on my simulator a little bit, but lately it’s been pool and Golden Tee that have got me hooked. I should be better at Golden Tee, but again, I think I’m just making dumb mistakes due to a lack of knowledge. I also hate left to right putts on that game. I’m probably not going to blog as much either. I’ll still blog from tournaments and when I play poker, but aside from that, I’m going to keep to myself a little bit more and hang out with my family and friends. I might even make some random trips, just for fun. I really liked San Diego when I visited there and I know my buddies like it there too. Maybe some golf trips there, or just a real vacation here and there. I don’t know, not entirely sure what I want to do exactly, I just know that I definitely want to be more selfish! Not in a bad way, but I definitely want to spend more time taking care of ME and making sure that I’m getting the most out of life. On that note, I’m going to go downstairs and practice on the pool table. After that I’ll be headed over to Mommy’s place for dinner. She cooked up a storm for me and my friends as she’s done the last few years now. Merry Christmas….