I read Doyle’s blog and in it, he mentioned our e-mail exchanges discussing politics. He seems to be one of the few poker players that are as interested in this race as I am. We don’t agree on much, which makes it even more fun! In fact, after one long e-mail I sent him he compared me to his son Todd- apparently Todd and I have something in common: we’ve never been wrong on anything. So since Doyle asked, I think Obama had a bad month to six weeks, but this week things went extremely well for him as he all but sent Hillary to the rail. I wish she would do what’s best for her party and quit already, her staying in the race is destructive. Makes me think that she’s banking on an Obama scandal or something like that. After Obama separated himself from Rev. Wright, though, I think she is drawing pretty slim. I thought Obama’s victory speech was his best one yet. Very moving, very powerful, and he clearly defined himself as the candidate for the party. Personally, I think he’s done himself a lot of good by being on the right side of this ridiculous “gas tax holiday” that both Clinton and McCain support. It’s beyond stupid! Every expert economist has stated that the gas tax “holiday” is a bad idea and it won’t work. Obama has the guts and smarts to say so, while Hillary and McCain are just trying to win votes by bribing people with… $30! Anyway, I like my flawed candidate Barack Obama. He is running the cleanest campaign. has been honest and open about his past and his upbringing from drug use to his search for an identity as a youth. Not really understanding if he fit in with whites, nor did he feel like he fit in with blacks either. I like honesty and I think Obama has been more forthright than any other candidate. Hope that answers your question Doyle… ***************************************************************** Lots of other changes have happened just this week: Costa Rica– I’ve made the decision to attend the LAPT event in Costa Rica as a primer for the WSOP. I’ll be gone for about 5 days which shouldn’t mess with my schedule too much. I thought about this decision long and hard, but felt compelled to make the trip. I love Costa Rica and have many friends there including the Brenes family and others. Also, I met someone in the Bahamas that promised to show me around the city and I’m really looking forward to it. I brought her to San Remo and London, so now I wanted to get a chance to see how she lives in Costa Rica. World Series of Golf!– I have decided to play in the second annual World Series of Golf event at Paiute on May 12-15. I don’t really think I can win, but I love to compete, it really gets my juices flowing. I went out there today and played pretty good in spurts. The greens are super easy for me, I don’t see myself missing any putts, but the wind is insane. Paiute is on an Indian reservation about 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas with no trees or buildings to protect it. It’s a pretty tight course and the winds often are right to left, or left to right so if you hit a slice you can lose your ball very easily. I hit the ball pretty straight so that shouldn’t hurt me too much.
Judging the wind is what makes you nuts. On one hole I hit a 6-iron from 110 yards and ended up… 20 yards short! The format for the event is super fun. I have a strategy going into it and plan on practicing as much as I can this week so I don’t look like an idiot out there. ***************************************************************** Ted Park is a HORSE idiot. I just had to get that off my chest, what a complete moron. Yesterday me, Tyson, Sam and Ted played a HORSE freeze out at his place for $100 a man. He annoyed me so much that at one point I literally pushed him off his chair. When he finally won the thing, beating me heads up, I threw every single chip on the table directly at his head. His melon head is so big, though, that I didn’t even make a dent. Two hands the idiot beat me with: 7 Card Stud
I started with (K-K-J) he starts with (A-J) 8. By sixth street he shows 5-6-8-9 but I KNOW he has nothing because he checked on fifth street. I check raised him, and he re-raised me. Then the idiot squeezes out his river card, and plucks a 7! Razz
I start with a 6 up vs his 10. On fifth street my board is 2-5-6, his board is 10-7-3. I make a Q-10 low, this moron catches a Jack low after starting the hand with… QQ in the hole! It’s razz you dummy!!! How can I lose to a guy playing the wrong game, that session totally tilted me, but I made sure to tell his wife Mille that she should absolutely forbid him from ever playing HORSE for real money. He is a complete buffoon. You suck Ted. [b]UPDATE{/b] I have a firm date on when the book will be in book stores. They will be in stores on June 17. I should be receiving some copies of the book by May 27th and they will also be available at the expo during the main event. I’ll likely do a signing some time around then also. PokerVT is in beta testing right now and things appear to be going smoothly. The site will likely be available to FCP’ers right around May 13th or so. Man, I’m so happy right now. It feels so good to get all that stuff done oyu have no idea. Now I can focus on what I need to focus on: 1. Hit Down on it.
2. Go Big and slow back.
3. Shoulder to Chin. ]]>