Catching up…

I got a new phone to help keep me up to date with things- the Sprint Treo 600. Basically I went to the Sprint store and asked for a “kick ass” phone and that’s what they gave me.
It feels like it’s helping but I’m still way behind on getting back to phone calls, e-mails, groceries, and other daily chores.
What troubles me the most about travelling is that everytime I feel like I’m “caught up” it’s time to get back on the road for another tournament or engagement. Being “caught up” is like the best feeling in the world.
I juice everyday, read the Bible everyday, man I even do Tae Bo when I’m caught up! I guess I’ve come to a point now where I need to rethink the direction my life is taking. With poker being so hot there are so many new opportunities with television, endorsements and the like. The question I need to ask myself though is: when will I ever get caught up? If I keep adding things to my plate when will I have time to stay home and feel great about being caught up? I just dropped my fiance off at the airport today as she’s on her way back to Grand Rapids for a visit. I can’t help but think that all of these new “great” opportunities come at a cost that’s just too high to pay. By spending so much time with “business” it takes away from our time together. Anyway, I have a lot planned for today: -answer about 100 e-mails
-clean the house
-do two interviews
-buy groceries
-prepare for the WPPC conference
-take out the garbage
-write a column
-pick up skin cream
-send out a contract
-do laundry
-Kristi Gazes birthday dinner
Hoepfully thanks to the Sprint Treo I’ll actually remember to get some of that done wassat]]>