Carlos’ Birthday 2005

Well after Josh knocks down a strike in the first frame and a 9/ in the second frame to my 5-4, 3-4 I knew I was in trouble. Josh decided to be a gentleman though and play me even.
That first game I had nothing working at all. I was either releasing too early, or releasing too late. I got killed in that first game but didn’t feel out of it. I shot a pathetic 104 and Josh shot a 143. In the second game I made more bets with Carlos, Erick, Tyson, Brandon, and whoever else had any gamble in them! I started out ugly in the second set also. “Oh brother”, I thought, this could get expensive. I was having a better set than the first, and went strike in the 8th and spare in the 9th to put me in contention of not getting killed. In order to win any money though, I’d have to throw a turkey in the last frame. By the 10th frame they changed my name on the scoreboard from Daniel to “Fred Flintstone” because I shuffled my feet like a madman on my approach. You know, kind of like Fred did back in the old days. I line up for my first shot, shuffle my feet like a mad man, hit the head pin and down they went! I finally felt like I found my stoke but it seemed as though it was a little too late. Once more, I frantically shuffled my feet, and BAM! Two in a row! I would need at least 9 pins to beat Carlos and 8 pins to beat Josh. I’ve never thrown a turkey in my life… until now! How’s that for a pressure shooter baby yeah! I was so pumped up now that I found my stroke. I looked over at Josh and he starts yawning, “I’m tired. We should probably get going huh guys?” Oh what a chicken! He knew he was in for a beating at the bowling alley but escaped. *************************************************************** The next stop was E-DOG’s bachelor pad. We set up a 12 handed freeze out. The first hand I played was the 4-5 of diamonds. Erick limped, I limped, as did a few others. The flop came J-J-7 and I went ahead and bet 600 into a 1000 pot. All folded to E-DOG and he raised me 1000 more. I called. Ok, I have no idea why I called but it seemed like fun at the time ok! The turn came a 4 and Erick bet 2000, I called again. Oh shut up already I know I was playing bad… it’s a house game! The river came a 10 and Erick bet 3000. I didn’t like that card at all and it was pretty clear the 4’s were no good so I make the GREAT lay down. Erick turned over… A-J. LOL, oops! A couple hands later I made it 400 with K-Q, Carlos raises 1000 more and Coin flip Greg calls. He got that nickname last night because he seems to always play a coin flip situation as the chip leader against the second chip leader. Long story. The flop came Q-8-5 with two spades. I checked, Carlos bet 2500, and I moved all in for about 6000. Carlos called and turned over… 10-2 of spades! No spade on the turn, but on the river the donkey took all of my chips when he filled his flush. My punishment for being the first out? I would have to deal to these shmucks and take all of their abuse. I wasn’t your typical dealer that night though. I was talking smack and I wasn’t even in the game. I was telling everybody what I put everyone on, and telling them what to do. If a real dealer did that they’d get fired, which I was ok with, lol. In the end it was Coin flip Greg, formerly known as the “Chosen One” up against E-DOG. The Chosen One won his coin flips and won the whole shebang. *************************************************************** Next stop- the basketball court. Erick had a new challenge for me today, “OK, we’ll play even up to five, but I have to use my left hand. Also, I have to leave my right hand in my back pocket the whole time.” That sounded like a bet too good to pass up, so we were on for $1000 and of course Josh got in a bet on Erick for $500 also- action junkie I tell ya. Erick started with the ball and backed me down. I was wearing these black Louis Vitton dress shoes I bought while I was in Paris and they didn’t have much in the way of traction. With the score 2-1 in Erick’s favor I had to take them off. I decided to play Erick in my black dress socks which I would soon find was a terrible idea. It didn’t hurt too bad at first, but with the score Erick 4 to my 2, I could barely walk! The surface felt worse than gravel and my feet felt like raw beef. I decided to try one last tactic, “Hey Leo, what size do you wear?” I asked. Leo was wearing some Nike sneakers and with those on I felt like I might have a chance. I throw on the Nike Zooms and zoom my way into a 4-4 tie! Now with the game tied, we were in sudden death, next point wins. I went left (big surprise, everyone knows I ALWAYS go left) and tried to back E-DOG down. Then I turned around from the deep left corner and… swish! I drained the winner! Or wait, what’s this? I was out of bounds? You’re kidding me! Apparently Erick said that I had my foot on the grass when I took the shot. I was like, no way. I had my foot on the line, you can’t call that on me! The game was pretty physical throughout. I must have intentionally fouled Erick on eight straight possessions. With his back turned to me, I figured if I could kick him in the small of the back and cause an injury it would enhance my chances for victory. So I elbowed, kicked, scratched and clawed for most of the match. Erick wouldn’t let the basket count though, and called me back out. I took off the Zooms and was totally spent though. “We’re calling it a tie buddy, I’m done.” Erick was fuming mad now. He wanted nothing to do with a tie but I couldn’t continue. I’m sure we’ll get another chance to play that match, but this time I’m not going to be wearing dress pants, a sweater, and my Louis Vittons. Nope, next time I’m bringin’ the Jordans!]]>