Can’t Sleep, so Played Some online at PokerStars

I’m really having fun with this and PokerStars set up a private table for me so I can play 2eazy heads up. I slept ALL day today, on an awful schedule, and when I woke up I decided to play some more of the match. Here are some of the highlights that I jotted down as we went: 1) He raised the button I called with K-J. The flop was Qh 2h 10c and I check called. The turn was a 4c and I check called. The river I hit my straight with the Ac and bet 800. He raised me 1400 more and I got a sick feeling in my stomach, but pretty much had to call. He showed 9c 2c for the flush. 2) I raise the button to 100 and he made it 400- I called. The flop was J-8-3 rainbow and he bet 450- I called. The turn was a 5, he fired 1200 and I called. The river was another 5 and this time be put me all in for about $4000. I called him… he showed A-Q! Felt like a bluff to me, a little unlucky not to actually have a pair there, lol. 3) He raised and I called with 9-10, flop was 9d-10-3d and it went check check. The turn was a J and I bet. The river was a 5d and I bet 500- he called. He showed 7-8. Could have been worse I guess… 4) I raised the button with 34 and he called. The flop was Jc-5c-2 and he check-raised me to 400- I called. The turn was a 6, he bet 650 and I raised him to 1600- he called. The river was the Qc and he bet 2500. I moaned, then paid him off… he showed 6c 8c. 5) He raised and I called with 55. The flop was 2c 3s 4c and I check-raised him- he called. The turn was a 4 and I check called. The river was the Kc and I bet 800- he called with 99. 6) Right before the session ended, I’d crawled back to even despite being pretty unlucky on the session, he raised from the button and I re-raised- he called. The flop was K-Js-6s, I bet 500 he called. Turn a 6 I bet 1000 and he called. River the Ks. I had a 6, checked, he bet 2000, I moaned again and folded. That was a mistake. I played that hand wrong. Not going to say what I should have done there because I know he’ll read this, but I should have played the hand a bit differently. We played 353 hands and I lost $2839 which feels oddly like a win. I ran really bad in the big pots, but overall feel like I played very well in that session. I’m really having fun with this and I actually like the fast speed of it. If I get really comfortable one-tabling the heads up, after these 5000 hands I may try to add a table and do a two-table heads up match.
I’m feeling good about my chances in the match, but it’s crucial to get some coolers going your way also in order to win. So far we have played 1003 hands and I’m down close to two and a half buy ins. Session 1: 350 hands +$6175
Session 2: 300 hands -$15484
Session 3: 353 hands -$2839
Total 1003 hands -$12,148 I’m not exactly sure when I’ll be able to play again, and that depends on whether or not I’ll be entering the High Roller event today. It’s tough to play well when not rested and it’s 6am right now and I’m worried I’ll get tired right around start time. It’s literally a coin flip at this point as to whether or not I play the event. We shall see. ***you can keep up with the results of my heads up match and “other stuff” here in this thread at Full Contact Poker: Daniel’s Blog Also, my twitter name if you haven’t found me yet is RealKidPoker ]]>