Biting my Tongue

This kid, “2easy” just isn’t quite as sophisticated, and that’s likely because he avoids the top competition for the most part. That’s smart game selection on his part for sure. I told him I’d play him 5000 hands in the thread, but I honestly don’t think he’ll make it that far. I predict that within like 2000-2500 hands he’ll realize that it’s a bad spot for him and quit.
Only reason I’m doing it is because I thoroughly enjoy it! It was pretty fun. Young kid challenges you, you man up and give him a game as long as he can play at decent sized stakes. Why not? I finished the night with 89,325 and the blinds are going to be 400-800 tomorrow. That’s a ton of chips really and I am happy with my play at the moment. 2easy will have to wait for a rematch when my tournament is over.