Big Golf Rematch

Now that I’m back in Vegas it’s time to get back to the life I enjoy most- working on the golf game and playing for loads of cash. I took two weeks off the game while in Toronto and it totally brutalized my swing. I played twice on my own, remind me to never play golf without my coach Christian there. All of my old bad habits creep up and it takes even more time to fix them. It’s the usual stuff, grip, posture, sway, and not getting behind the ball. Since I’ve been back we’ve been doing drills and getting out on the course practicing everyday from morning till night. Good news is that my bread and butter feels good, chipping and putting and that’s likely what I’ll need most for our match Thursday. The match is a rematch of sorts. The last time we played the match was: Blue Tees 6866 yards:
Jimmy Scrambling their ball against: White Tees 6292 yards:
Ted Scrambling only four balls each shot, we choose who takes the four shots. That meant Sam and I split. He did everything from 120+ yards and I only hit from inside 120 yards. That match was super close and we ended up winning one hole shooting 60 to their 61 thanks to me draining a 35 footer on 18. Well, Zvi isn’t in town so they proposed that we play the match again with just the four of us taking every shot, but them moving back to the tips, which is a bit over 7000 yards. We should be pretty close to our other team, but now we have one less drive to choose from, I don’t hit it long enough to ever matter. Plus we lose Zvi’s approach shots and he is a much better putter than Sam. The plus for us is that they move back a bit, plus me and Sam can get in a better rhythm not having to share shots. It’s super hard to play well when you sit for long stretches. I’m playing for 50k a hole plus a 5k per hole carry over skin. The most you could lose, if you lost every hole is $990,000, but realistically, a 250K win would be a thrashing with this format. Tomorrow Ted gets back from Hawaii and the plan is to practice the match. Ted was totally useless in our last match so hopefully he just shuts his mouth this time and makes a freakin’ putt once in a while! Their team, despite having just three guys, I think outweighs my foursome! I’m 150, Christian is 130, Sam is about 160 tops, and Ted’s gut is about 170.
We got about 600 lbs and I think that makes us about even. As for height, I’m the tall guy on my team at 5′ 9″, lol. It’s four mini Davids against a three headed monster we have to slay. Here is my take on the players: Patrik- he played like garbage last time we played. I think they only used two of his shots all match. He’s gotten a lot better though and is pretty long with the driver and his irons. Nick- he’s a superstar but he didn’t bring his A game last time either missing too many putts. He’s super long off the tee, oh, and he can beat me even using only one club… his driver. Sickest thing you’ve ever seen! Jimmy- he’s a slightly better putter than Tiger Woods and when his team falls apart and forces him to make a miracle shot.. he sticks it. He’s a nice guy and all, but I really hate that guy, he’s way too good. THE MISFITS: Me- Totally useless off the tee or from 190 yards out. Totally useless. I can putt pretty good and am the third putter in the rotation with just Christian our ace behind me. My other strength is from 60-90 yards with the wedges. So I need to basically practice putting and hitting wedges. Sam- He is our lefty. He hits it pretty long but is pretty erratic. He might as well putt from 80 yards because he can’t hit a wedge to save his life, totally useless. His putting is also kind of funny. He misses 5 footers all day, but every once in a while he makes a 30 footer look easy. Call Sam Mr.Undependable. Ted- he “thinks” he can drive the ball but if we ever use his 230 yard junky cut drive we are in trouble. He is supposed to help us with approach shots and his putting can be really good. He is useless from 200 yards, but he doesn’t think so. This idiot thinks he’s KJ Choi! He was just awful in our first match. He did nothing well and that could have cost us if our ace didn’t come through. Christian- speaking of our ace, that’d be Christian. Man did we screw him over way too many times last time. We are supposed to, as a team take pressure off of him by hitting some balls in play so he can be aggressive, but way too often we left him stranded and having to hit a perfect shot. He came through almost every time. Christian is good at… well, everything, except he isn’t nearly as long as Nick or Jimmy- hence the tee spot. He can hit it 270 yards when he gets a hold of one. He’s obviously our best player in every area and that’s why he is our anchor that goes last. OK, so I just wrote a report about a golf match that I’m super excited about, but many of you could care less, huh? Tough. I like golf. I like gambling, and I like writing about the stupid, silly things I do. For those of you who wanted poker content, I played a $109 no limit tournament… on my birthday. I hate birthdays, what a lame birthday. I ate a piece of cake by myself and vegged on the couch with Mushu. I then jumped into a $500-$1000 limit hold’em game and blew off 40k. I haven’t won money on my birthday in like… well, never. My food situation is looking solid too. Mommy is in Toronto and cooked for me there, and now I’ve learned that Patty is quite a Chef Boy Ardee herself. She made the best eggplant Lasagna ever made, you rock Patty!!! What else… oh, I sat in on a poker related business meeting today for like 5 hours and it was a blast. It was heated, some yelling, some laughing, some arguing, more discussion, more back the drawing board, yada, yada, yada, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Sometimes I love that stuff. What else…what else… how smooth is my man Barack Obama? This guy’s campaign is buttery smooth. All that speculation about his overseas trip backfiring and he owned it. He was rock solid while McCain looked lost. I can’t wait for the debates, that’ll be must see tv. Great stuff.