Becoming a Mac Man

My start to 2009 has been the most bizarre of any year I can remember. Normally I start off a year with some kind of game plan and direction, but this year I’m a bit unsure of what I want to do. The closest I can remember feeling this way was in the year 2000. That was NOT a good year but I’m a lot more mature and wiser now than I was then. Truth is, I have so much more self control today compared to the person I was 10 years ago. In my early 20’s I had some self-destructive tendencies. I’d sabotage myself on a regular basis when things went badly, but today, I’m a completely different person. Those tendencies are always present, much like a drug addict never stops being an addict, but I can sense when I’m going a little bit nutty and am very aware of which pitfalls to avoid. I was slightly burnt out on poker and played poorly in both tournaments here. I have high standards in terms of what I consider poor play, and actually felt like I started to play “ok” in the High Roller event near the end game where I usually shine. I was just very unlucky against Humberto, forcing him into making two terrible decisions and ultimately finishing in 10th while Elky went on to win. Congrats Elky! I go to New York today for work stuff. I’m doing commentary for the second season of the APPT and am looking forward to eating actual food. I starved out here in the Bahamas and really don’t feel all that healthy at all.
Speaking of health, this is kind of random but a discussion came up today about food and abusive parenting. Our society sees beating children as being abusive behavior, but what about feeding them poison to the point where they reach obesity at an early age? Isn’t that a warning sign of a potentially unfit parent?
A child doesn’t know any better, but a parent should. Allowing a child to eat junk food, cake, burgers and soda without providing nutritional food for their children is something that in may cultures is seen as child abuse. These children will be more likely to get diabetes and all in all will have a much harder time in life, and frankly, the majority of the blame should rest on the parents allowing their children to kill themselves. Where was I- New York. Looking forward to getting some good food there and maybe hanging out one or two nights but my days are packed solid so it’s unlikely that I’ll have much time. When I do these shows it’s an intense process and the days are extremely long. I take what I do seriously, meaning watching the rough cuts of the shows, taking notes, and essentially just doing my homework which usually adds up to about 3-4 hours a night after doing voice overs in preparation for the next day. The feeling of completing a week of work like that is addicting. It’s exhausting, draining, and overall mentally taxing, but being done and seeing the finished product is very rewarding. I was extremely proud of my contribution to the APPT’s first season and plan on doing an even better job on season two along with my partner for the shows, Paul Khoury. After New York I’m looking forward to a solid month of golf and returning to the form I was in last year. Should take me about two weeks of steady practice to get back on form. Other than that, I’m going to try to get back into shape after eating junk in the Bahamas, going to watch lots of TV, play some pool, and just hang out with my close friends. My next poker tournament won’t be until late February… in the meantime I’m going to continue grinding it out on PokerStars in the $0.01-$0.02 game until I can reach the $25 mark and move to the $0.02-$0.05 cent game. That’s about the only poker I’ll be playing for a month. ]]>

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