“Who me? I’m 18.”
“And you over there, how old are you?”
“I’m 18 too.” What in the world is going on here??? I just turned 30 and now I’m the old fart at the table? I was thinking they should change the title of the Maxim peace to “aging veterans.” Since the legal gambling age in Bahamas is 18 there was a large contingent of “under aged” online qualifiers.
I also did another more in depth interview with a guy named Pat Jordan. I’ll tell you what, I could have interviewed him and I think it would have made for a much better story! Very interesting guy and obviously a pro at what he does. Although he still uses an old rickety type writer and isn’t online yet. Talk about old school! *************************************************************** The island was great and I’ll be sharing some pictures from my trip pretty soon. I had an old, almost high school buddy there from Toronto as well as my fianc