Back in Vegas, Annoyed By Hillary

I kinda made a couple late boo boos in the tournament in Tunica by getting involved in some big pots with a new player who just sat down at my table drinking whiskey. Normally I do very well against drinking players and although he beat me on hand one, I made the correct lay down. On hand number two he made an absolute kamikaze play and bluffed a monster pot. He limped early for 400, I limped with Kc 3c for 400 and both blinds called. The flop came Jc 3s 2c and Smokey bet 1200 from the big blind and the drunk guy called. I could have raised here but thought it would be better to try and spike the K, 3 or the club. The small blind also called. The turn was a Qh, both blinds checked and drunk guy fires 10k. I called the bet thinking I had 14 outs and would be able to double up if I hit any of my cards. That, plus I may have the best hand. The river was a 7d and he put me all in for 20k. I felt like it could be a bluff, but was worried that his bluff may have me beat anyway so I folded. He tabled Ks 8s for a random berzerko bluff! My last hand I flopped top pair against him and he over bet the pot with middle pair. Rather than go all in as I should have, I just called and got beat when he made trips on the turn. My bad, I could have played him better but made a mistake. Oh well, there is always Germany! ***************************************************************** I got home and watched some Tivo, an HBO special called Friends of God, and then I watched an old movie, the Preacher’s Wife as I have Denzel Washington movies on my watch list. After that, it was time for the most heated debate I’ve ever watched. Hillary and Obama really went at it pretty hard and in the end I think Hillary behaved poorly, even getting boos after yet another attack on Obama. Edwards did good to point out how silly the bickering was, but he doesn’t have much of a shot anyway. Every time Hillary opened her mouth tonight she annoyed me. She was on a mission to trash Obama, but was left with egg on her face, mostly because her assertions were just not factual. If you didn’t watch it, there was one particular sparring of words that was pretty serious. Barack saying, “I was working the streets while you were a corporate lawyer on the board for Walmart.” Hillary fired back with something like, “While I was doing such and such you were working for a slum lord.” More and more I dislike the idea of Hillary being president. I liked Bill Clinton… but she’s not Bill Clinton. I like Edwards a lot too and would love to see Obama and Edwards team up for the Dems. As for the other side, I don’t like any of them all that much. Don’t trust Romney, seems shady to me and ready to snap at any moment. Huckabee is too conservative for my taste, and McCain isn’t much of a poker fan. I’ve been glued to CNN, and even Fox News which is hard to watch, for hours everyday and I’m left with only one candidate that I really like. Well, that’s not entirely true, Edwards is a solid guy, IMO, but he doesn’t have much of a chance against Hillary and Obama. I really hope that Obama gets enough support to represent the Dems, because if it’s Hillary, bleh. She just annoys me and tonight she was at her peak as far as the bitchiness meter goes. ***************************************************************** I have a week at home which will consist of writing, writing, and more writing. That, and playing some $200-$400 on Stars.]]>