Back in the U.S.

I was able to leave a day early after doing some commentary for EPT Live and doing various interviews. Two of those “interviews” created quite a stir on the forums. I’m sitting here in LA waiting for my flight to Vegas and laughing out loud pretty hard after reading some of the responses. Durr in the bathtub was classic, btw, well done! My flight from Nice to Munich again had complications, luckily I flew with a REAL airline, Lufthansa and not British Airways. There was a technical problem, but they got it fixed in pretty good time. Still too late to catch my connecting flight to LA, but they’d probably get me on a flight to San Fransisco later. When I got to Munich, a lady was waiting for me outside the plane. She throws me into a limo and takes me directly to the plane… my original flight to LA! The plane literally waited for me! How cool is that? I’ve heard they’d done that before which is cool. The doors were already closed, etc. but they let me on anyway. Back to the interviews. I filmed two that were pretty bizarre. One with the guys from SikTilt, a website that covers poker in Europe. The interview is here: The other one I did was a road edition of High Stakes Living on which gave people a glimpse into what the rooms in Monte Carlo looked like for the SuperNova Elite players on PokerStars. Pretty cool room with two floors and a great view of the SEA. When they showed up to do the piece they brought along a girl to plant in my bed. I was a bit uneasy about it at first, thinking it might come off a bit wrong, but was like, “Why not” and went with it. It was just supposed to be funny and they didn’t use the part where I made that clear.
Oh, and no, I am not doing cocaine! I’ve had friends ever since high school that smoked weed pretty regularly, but I’ve never even taken a toke in my life.
Never smoked a joint, and most certainly have never done a line! Some in the forum misinterpreted my sniffles for the classic signs of a coke head. Bad read. As for the SikTilt interview, that guy is a jerk and I’m glad I threw him in the pool. He totally deserved it after that line of questioning… kidding, that was all just a joke too and they approached me with the idea earlier in the day and I thought it would be fun. So in both cases it was just silly fun. The girl in the bed wasn’t mine and the interview with SikTilt was all planned. Some of the responses in the forums to both of these interviews were classic. Many believing the girl in the room was there to dispel gay rumors. That’s not the case at all, I could literally care less about gay rumors, in fact, I think most of them are pretty hilarious and entertaining. Not like it’s anyone’s business, but I am seeing someone right now, and no, it’s not a dude, lol. I’ve obviously been really busy with traveling and focusing more on playing poker, the launch of PokerVT, etc. so I’m not looking to get married anytime soon. Mostly just taking time for myself, looking to get things in my life organized and projects completed. Once I’m done with all that… who knows. ***************************************************************** Flight to Las Vegas is boarding soon and I’m stoked to get home and see my boy Mushu. Patty is picking me up at the airport and I hope she brings him. I’ll have just a couple days to get acclimated to the time change for the WPT Championship and am really looking forward to a deep run in that event. I’m feeling as confident as ever. After that, one of the best stretches of my life is on the horizon. Vacation time, so to speak. In May I’m staying home in Las Vegas, golfing, working out,
getting healthy, etc. If anything, I “may” and I stress “may” head to Costa Rica for a week or so to play in the LAPT event there. That’s not the only reason I’d go, of course, I really like Costa Rica and haven’t been there in a while. While I was in Bahamas for the PCA I also met someone really cool who lives there, and she promised to show me around if I come out there. I’m still undecided about going, but will know in the next couple weeks. I’m totally sick of traveling right now, but I don’t have any more travel plans until after the WSOP so a one week trip to Costa Rica sounds reasonable. Part of me feels like I really NEED to go, while part of me feels like I need to stay in
Las Vegas at that time to prepare for the WSOP. Right now I’m leaning heavily
towards going… we’ll see. As soon as I get home, me and Mushu are going to do an American Idol marathon. I’ve missed like 4 weeks!