Another Rematch Today

We started the day off well hitting one close on #1 for birdie and then on #2 Christian leatherized one. Hole #2 looked like a lock win because they were playing a bunker shot which seemed like it was 400 yards out or so. Never mind that, Nick absolutely stuck one from the bunker to 4 feet and we carried again.
Hole #3 we almost blew. We played out third shot from a green side bunker and no one got close, thankfully Christian made a key putt. Hole #4 we drew first blood with a birdie and I was up $70k. Hole #5 Jimmy stuck one close and we missed our birdie putt, that had me back to +15k.
They goofed up on #7 so we won back another hole and I was up $75k. We missed the green on #8 from 150 yards (idiots!) and pushed that hole as well as #9. Front side we shot 30, they shot 31. Both teams birdied 10 and 11 pretty easily and then Christian hit a great drive to 80 yards on 12… we all missed the green, AGAIN! Idiots! They stuck one to five feet and we figured we were totally cooked. Patrik missed the putt, but that’s not all that surprising. Nick missed too, and we all figured we were just being tortured a little bit because Jimmy couldn’t miss that putt in a million years… but he did! Carry to 13. They birdied 13 and Christian hit a big drive but we got unlucky and it hit a bunker. Sam’s drive was nowhere so we used Ted’s and didn’t have a shot at the green. We were 80 yards out again and played Christian’s approach to about 16 feet. We all missed the putt, and now I’m stuck 5k 14 and 15 were easy birdie holes which took us to 16. Christian murdered a drive on the par 5 and we had 142 yards to the pin. We hit it to about 16 feet. Sam and Ted left theirs short so I hit mine with a little more face… it popped out of the hole. Yikes. They missed the green in two and hit it to 10 feet. Patrik miss… Nick miss… Jimmy, I hate that guy! The putt trickled in and we had another carry. On to 17 and they had about 25 feet. Patrik missed, and Nick, who hadn’t made even a single putt all day finally decides to wake up and he drains it. Oh well, I hit a nice approach to about 12 feet… and we missed the putt, doh! Now I’m stuck 75k. On to 18 and we made quick work of it for birdie, they had over 25 feet for theirs. Patrik missed (surprise, surprise) and then here comes the guy who made one putt in 35 holes with back to back birdies. If he missed that we would only have lose 20k on the carries. They shot a great back of 28 and we shot 30 again. In two rounds now we have gone 60-60 and they shot 61-59. Today is rematch time and I’d like to bet we kick some butt today. I went to the range last night after the round and fixed my wedge game a bit so I plan on sticking them all close today. I drove the ball as good as I possibly can today, but unfortunately that does the team little good as even my best drives don’t match up with Sam and Christian off the tee. I’m happy being a team player, though, and trying to take some pressure off the bigger hitters. I need to come up big from 100 yards in and that’s what I plan to do. I started to come around the last few holes, but today, I’m not missing anything. They are so dead! ]]>